Gift Amount

Scholarships listed alphabetically by donor


Anonymous—Dorothy Rolfs Emmons Scholarship

Irvin and Beverly Aal—Irvin and Beverly Aal Family Scholarship

†David J. and Sherry B. Alcock—David J. and Sherry B. Alcock Family Scholarship

Marty and Mary Ambrose—Marty Ambrose Communications Scholarship

T. Louise Ambuel—Ambuel Family Scholarship

Jim and Pat Anderson—Jim and Pat Anderson Music Scholarship

Mark '85 and Beverly (Stark) Anderson '85—Beverly Anderson First Generation American Scholarship

Mark '85 and Beverly (Stark) Anderson '85—Reverend Mark A. Anderson Sociology Scholarship

Stanley and Sharon Asp—The Zumdahl-Asp Family Scholarship

Beth A. Bachman—Wayne A. and Beth A. Bachman Scholarship

Margaret Baird—Margaret Baird Scholarship

John '83 and Karla (Nelson) Balk '84—Balk Family Scholarship

Rosemary L. Barenz—Rosemary Barenz Encouragement Scholarship

Howard '67 and Christine Barlow—Howard and Christine Barlow Scholarship

William and Jill Barth—William and Jill Barth Scholarship Fund

Gordon and Barbara Bauman—Barbara De Barry Bauman Scholarship

Alvin C. and Marilynn F. Berg—Alvin C. Berg Scholarship

Roger D. and Carol J. Berg—Roger D. and Carol J. Berg Scholarship

Warren and Jan Berg—Jan Berg Art Scholarship, Warren Berg Economics and Business Scholarship

†Paul and Fern Borge—Paul and Fern Borge Communications Scholarship

†Marion Brecke—Donald W. Brecke Scholarship

Peggy Brenden and Debra Wilson—Brenden/Wilson Scholarship

Cheryl Westrum Bressler '79 and Richard Bressler—Bressler Global Learning Scholarship

Karen Brubakken—Karen Brubakken Scholarship in Nursing

John and Dorothy Brugge—The Six Leaves Study Abroad Scholarship

Donald and Joan Bungum—G. Norman Bungum Scholarship

Ronald and Gene Calgaard—Ronald K. Calgaard Endowed Scholarship

Keith Christensen and Dawn Deines-Christensen—Deines-Christensen Family Scholarship

J. Gordon and Agnes Christianson—J. Gordon and Agnes M. Christianson Scholarship

Anne and Myrv Christopherson—Myrv and Anne (Marking) Christopherson Scholarship

James and Dorothy Christy—The Christy Family Scholarship

Lori Beckman Conway—Lori Beckman Conway Endowed Scholarship

John and Carole Lea Cotton—John and Carole Lea Cotton Art Scholarship

John F. Crawford—John F. Crawford Scholarship

†Bert M. and †Mildred O. Dahl—Bert M. and Mildred O. Dahl Scholarship

†LeRoy and Colleen Darby—LeRoy and Colleen Darby Family Scholarship

David A. and Jenee N. Dettmann—Dettmann Family Foundation Scholarship

Mark and Vicki Donhowe—Mark and Vicki Donhowe Family Scholarship, Paul Solberg Scholarship, Kent Finanger Scholarship, Robert Naslund Scholarship

Jerry and Cheryl Donlon—Jerry and Cheryl Brinkman Donlon Scholarship

Richard and Patricia Edwards—Edwards Family Scholarship

Roger and Carolyn Eigenfeld—Roger C. and Carolyn J. Eigenfeld Scholarship

†Richard H. and Leila Ellingson—Richard H. and Leila Ellingson Scholarship

Nathan and Anne Ersig—The Anne Ersig Scholarship in Nursing

Gregory and Victoria Fields—Greg and Vickie Fields African American Student Scholarship Fund

Gene Frank—Louis and Pauline Frank Family Scholarship

Phyllis Frey—A. Kenneth and Ercyle White Frey Scholarship


Robert and Nancy Gandrud—Robert and Nancy Gandrud Family Scholarship

Stuart J. Geiger—Stuart J. Geiger Scholarship

Andrew J. Gray—James B. Gray Family Scholarship

†Amos J. and Evelyn Arneson Green—Amos J. and Evelyn Arneson Green Scholarship

J. Mark and Karen Halvorson—Mark and Karen Halvorson Scholarship

Eugene and Naomi (Borreson) Hanson—The Hanson-Borreson Family Scholarship

†Lucille Heintz—Peter F. and Lucille R. Heintz Scholarship

Sheldon and Renee Hermanson—Aust-Hermanson Scholarship

Norma Hervey—The Hervey Endowed Scholarship

James and Nancy (Lofthus) Hill—The Alison A. Hill Memorial Scholarship

James and Diane Hinrichs—Hinrichs Family Scholarship

Michael Hjelmeland—Hjelmeland Endowed Scholarship

Ed and Charilyn Hover—Kent Finanger Scholarship

Michael Hovland and Nancy Jones—Hovland-Jones Family Scholarship

Amy '91 and Patrick Igou—Igou Scholarship

Karl T. and Jerrine Jacobsen—Donna Story/Karl Jacobsen Nursing Scholarship

†Gordon and †Bonita Jensen—Gordon and Bonita Jensen Scholarship

Paul and †Elizabeth Jenson—Jenson Family Scholarship

Tracy Johnson—Iowa Diecast Toys Scholarship

Karen Julesberg—Karen Julesberg Scholarship

Guy Johnson and †John J. Hancock—Guy Johnson and John J. Hancock Music Scholarship

Darlene and Robert Jones—Darlene (Peterson) Jones and Robert B. Jones Scholarship

Haldis Kaasa—Harris E. Kaasa Memorial Scholarship, Kai Thomas Kaasa Scholarship

Rasmus and †Donna Kalnes—Donna M. Kalnes Scholarship

Blanche Kangas—Blanche Kangas Music Scholarship

Lawrence and Mary (Buchholz) Kipfer—Lawrence M. Kipfer Scholarship in Accounting and the Mary L. Kipfer Scholarship in Music

Wayne '61 and Alyce Kivell—Wayne Kivell '61 Music Scholarship

Hans and Helen Kneubuhler—Helen and Hans Kneubuhler Scholarship

Kenneth and Judith Knutson—Rev. Kenneth and Judith Knutson Family Scholarship

Roger and Laurie Krahn—The Krahn Family Student Life Service Award


Jan (Bahr) Larson—Donna Mae Haugen Bahr Music Scholarship, Vernon H. Bahr Research Scholars Endowment

Jon and Stefani Lee—Jon and Stefani Lee Scholarship

Ronald T. Lee and Marie Bender-Lee—Lee Family Music Scholarship

Frank and Donna Liston—Frank and Donna Liston Family Scholarship

Carl Lottman '11—Carl Lottman Scholarship

Ross Lund—Ross Lund Endowed Scholarship

Ruth Lunde—Ruth M. Lunde Nursing Scholarship

Lela Jackson McLeod—Lela Jackson McLeod Scholarship

Paula and Kurtis Meyer —Kurt and Paula Meyer Family Scholarship

David E.G. and M. Patricia Miller—David E.G. and M. Patricia Miller Scholarship

†Kenneth D. and Dorothy J. Moburg—Kenneth D. and Dorothy J. Moburg Scholarship

Kathryn Ulvilden Moen—Kathryn Ulvilden Moen Endowed Fund for Organ and Church Music

Martin Mohr and Mary Hull Mohr—John and Mabel Bale Scholarship, Martin and Mary Hull Mohr Scholarship

Tom and Ann Monson—Tom and Ann Monson Family Scholarship

Richard S. Moore—Richard S. Moore English Scholarship

†Arthur and †Laura Mork—Laura Mork Scholarship

Deb (Leschensky) '77 and Mike Murrell—Deborah (Leschensky) '77 and Michael Murrell Scholarship

Carl O. Nelson—Pastor Carl O. and Edith W. Nelson Endowed Scholarship

Cy and Ramona Nelson—Jana Elizabeth Nelson Women's Accounting Scholarship

Dean and Barbara Nelson—Dean and Barbara Nelson Scholarship

Frances Nelson—Frances and Joseph Nelson Memorial Scholarship

Jan Nelson—Jan A. Nelson Scholarship

Lloyd and †LaVine Nelson—The Lloyd and LaVine Nelson Scholarship

Mark and Denise Nelson—The Mark and Denise Nelson Scholarship Fund

Millard and LaVonne Nelson—Millard and LaVonne Nelson Scholarship

Virginia B. Nelson—Walter E. Nelson Memorial Scholarship

Rolfe K. and Mary J. Nervig—Nervig-Ziemer Family Scholarship

LeAllen and Janelle Nevermann—Stuart Nevermann Scholarship

Jonathan '83 and Christi (Munson) Nowland '80—Munson-Nowland Scholarship

Kenneth and Judith Nye, Carrie Ann Smith—Bowstead Family Scholarship

Jackson Ode and Cara Kennedy-Ode—Jackson Ode and Cara Kennedy-Ode Scholarship

George and Carole Orness—Orness Study Abroad Scholarship

Duane B. Oyen—Duane B. Oyen Scholarship in Economics and Business

Barbara Palombi and Jonathan Vawter—Vira and Frank Palombi Scholarship

Richard and Carolyn Parmelee—Rodd Gardner Parmelee Scholarship

Allen and Karen Peckham—Richard Simon Hanson Scholarship, Deborah Norland Scholarship, Allen and Karen Peckham Family Scholarship

Karen Peterson—Nilsestuen-Peterson Family Scholarship

Luther and Shelley L. Peterson—Luther D. and Shelley L. Peterson Scholarship

Anthony Pizer '03 and Jessica Aguilar '03—Aguilar-Pizer Family Scholarship

Anthony Pizer '03 and Jessica Aguilar '03—Aguilar-Pizer Family Study Abroad Scholarship

Clifford Poole—Donald G. Hinshaw Choral Scholarship Fund

†Esther Porter—Esther Porter Scholarship

Osmund and Phyllis Quandahl—Osmund and Phyllis Quandahl Endowed Fund

Ann Rathe '87—Ann Rathe Scholarship

Richard and Darleen Rem—Richard and Darleen Rem Scholarship

Sharon and James Rendack—James and Sharon (Rose) Rendack Scholarship

Gregory and Pamela Roe—Pamela and Gregory Roe Family Scholarship

Dale and Catherine Ruosch—The Rev. Dale L. Ruosch Scholarship, The Catherine H. Ruosch Scholarship in Nursing,
The Rev. Dale and Catherine Ruosch, and Scholarship in Social Work


Dolores Sande—Dolores Sande Scholarship

Robert and Mary Schneider—Robert and Mary Schneider Memorial Scholarship

†James and Helen Smith—James M. and Helen K. Smith Scholarship

Steve and Susan E. Sorenson—Steven and Susan Sorenson Scholarship

Robert D. and Karen Spiegler—Spiegler Family Scholarship

Pamela and Dr. Loring Stead—Pam and Dr. Loring J. Stead Scholarship

Jonathan and Jeanette B. Strandjord—Edward and Stephen Bialas Scholarship

Richard and Mary (Edwards) Steinberg—Richard and Mary Steinberg Scholarship

Wendy (Tessman) '69 and Jim Stevens—Jim and Wendy Stevens Endowed Scholarship

Chad and Melissa Thomley—Chad M. and Melissa L. Thomley Scholarship

Ralph and Carol Thompson—Ralph and Carol Thompson Scholarship

David and Joan Totten—Joan and David Totten Scholarship

Terry Trimpe—Terry Trimpe Scholarship

Juletta Ramlo Trygstad—Juletta Ramlo Trygstad Elementary Education Scholarship

David and Florence Tuff—Ethnic Minority Student Scholarship

†Aleta Ulring—Joseph and Aleta Ulring Pre-Seminary Scholarship

Lisa (Newcomer) '81 and Mark Vail—Lisa and Mark Vail Nursing Scholarship

Solveig Walstrom—Solveig Johnson Walstrom Scholarship

Carolyn L. White—Carolyn and Ron White Family Scholarship

Tom and Mary Jo Wilke—J. C. Iverson Memorial Scholarship

Thomas and Betty Wilkens—The Thomas G. and Betty E. Wilkens Scholarship

John and Carol Witt—John A. and Carol Witt Scholarship

†Erlin and Lilly Hamre Womeldorf—Womeldorf-Hamre Family Scholarship

Phyllis Yes '63—Phyllis Yes Art Scholarship

Robert and Jeanne (Engler) Zaske—Jeanne D. (Engler) and Robert A. Zaske Scholarship

† deceased