Career Center offers two new programs thanks to alumni funding

Gift Amount

Over the past two years, alums Jim Thomsen ’86 and Bill Bohmer ’95 have each generously donated to support two of the Luther College Career Center’s goals:

  1. To engage students (and faculty) with alumni and friends of Luther College in career-focused networking events designed to help students explore, learn, and network with people in their fields of interest; and

  2. To engage students with alumni and friends of Luther College in applied learning opportunities during J-Term and Summer to explore, learn and gain practical experience in their field of interest.

Through their gifts, the Career Center was able to implement two programs directly related to these goals, the Faculty-Student-Alumni Mini-Grant Program and the Internship Funding Program.

Fourteen proposals were submitted to the Faculty-Student-Alumni Mini-Grant Program from thirteen different departments. This program made it possible for 39 alumni of Luther College to return to campus to share with students their stories and knowledge about their field of work. Over 400 students, as well as many faculty and staff, attended one or more of these alumni networking events.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, funding through the Internship Funding Program was awarded to 25 students (8 for J-Term and 17 for summer). This program made it financially possible for these students to secure an internship in their field of interest. The students’ internship experiences, many with Luther alumni, occurred in seven states (Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, and New York), the District of Columbia, and five countries (China, Germany, Greece, Philippines, and Spain).

Stay tuned as we feature stories from these two programs and what an impact these gifts have made on Luther students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

Mersaddiz Smith '19 listens to Laura Hayes '15 talk about her work as a journalist.