Dietrich Jessen '15

Gift Amount

Why do our amazing alumni and friends love giving back to Luther?

I firmly believe in the power of giving back; when I was a teenager I went to a summer program where the motto was “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required." Luther College gave me significant opportunities that I still feel the impact from to this very day. When I think of many of those experiences, it’s rare that they don’t include Trish and Kirk Neubauer '76. From my early involvement with the Student Activities Committee (SAC) to my work study in the Admissions Department, the Neubauers had a constant presence in my life at Luther.

To this day, I have remained very close with them and their family. They have dedicated their life to advancing the mission of Luther College and, combined, have nearly 60+ years of service. They have touched the lives of countless students like me, and I could think of no one more deserving than them to be recognized for their love and dedication to the students and this wonderful institution. That motto from my childhood resonates deeply still within me today, and it’s for that that my gratitude results in this scholarship.

Dietrich Jessen established the Neubauer Family Scholarship in 2018.