Rochester Semester

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Rochester Hub

Goal: $1,000,000 endowment

To better serve our students—and remain relevant in the fast-changing world of higher education—Luther College is developing an academic hub in Rochester, Minnesota. This hub will center on real-world internships and experiential learning opportunities, allowing students to discern their callings, build practical skills, experience hands-on training, gain valuable perspectives, establish networks, and develop avenues toward careers that are personally and professionally rewarding. Such immersive learning is essential for today’s students, as employers increasingly expect new hires to have exposure and experience relevant to their field. The Rochester Semester will be the centerpiece of this innovative new academic hub.

Investing in the Rochester Semester

To successfully launch the Rochester Semester, Luther College is seeking donor investments totaling $1 million to create an endowment for applied learning scholarships to offset the student cost of this off-campus residency. With a gift of $50,000, a donor can endow and name a Rochester Applied Learning Endowment that will generate an annual student award of approx. $2,500. All gifts at a level less than $50,000 will be added to the Luther College Rochester Semester Scholarship, a pooled general endowment to assist students participating in the Rochester Semester. With your support, an endowment of $1 million will benefit up to 20 Luther students annually (10 per semester).

For more information on ways to support the Rochester Semester, please call the Development Office at (800) 225-8664 to speak to a development officer.

"Luther's Rochester Hub represents a tremendous opportunity--for students, Luther College, and Rochester. The hub will position Luther as a vibrant, relevant part of a dynamic and growing city, strengthening the college's presence in new and impactful ways. It will build on the long tradition of Luther students choosing Rochester as a place to be challenged and excel in their careers and contribute in meaningful ways to their community."

- Chris Gade '86, Chief Public Affairs Officer, Mayo Clinic
Regent, Luther College