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Goal: $300,000
Progress: $141,000 raised (as of July 31, 2020)

Now more than ever, with the world facing the COVID-19 pandemic, we need highly skilled and competent nursing professionals. For more than 40 years, the Luther College Nursing Department has offered a comprehensive curriculum and strong clinical partnerships with Mayo Clinic to provide high-impact learning opportunities for students. In the face of rapid changes in healthcare delivery and an overwhelming need to educate nursing leaders, Luther's Nursing Department now requires additional resources to maintain its high-quality program.

Simulation is an integral part of all nursing curricula, and Luther's program offers students simulation experiences throughout their nursing education. These experiences offer students personalized faculty evaluation that may not occur in an uncontrolled clinical learning environment.

Given the growing size of student cohorts in our nursing program, the current lab space and equipment make it challenging to continue to lean so heavily on the simulation lab within the nursing curriculum. Having just one simulation lab with one high-fidelity mannequin and one director coordinating 40-50 sophomore students and 30-40 nursing students creates significant scheduling and budgetary challenges. Equipment that was cutting-edge when the simulation lab was development more than a decade ago has now reached the end of its life span (and warranty) and is inadequate for the increasing numbers of students needing to utilize the lab spaces.

The Nursing Department seeks support for additional equipment to run more simulated learning experiences and renovated lab space to better meet student learning needs. Human simulators accurately mimic human cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurologic systems and generate realistic physiologic responses. The technological requirements for an advanced simulation lab featuring the latest equipment are extensive--not only for the human simulators, but also for faculty support, equipment maintenance, necessary software platforms, patient monitors, and camera/audio kits. The proposed plan will also require a reconfiguration and renovation of the existing lab to maximize student learning in this essential space.

 A gift in support of Luther's Nursing Simulation Lab is an investment in the future of healthcare.

Luther College is investing $100,000 to accelerate the implementation of new equipment for nursing students. Our goal is to double that institutional commitment with donor support to upgrade the advanced simulators and grow the lab's endowment. Download the full case statement for more detail on the simulators and outline of the project costs.

Making a Gift to the Nursing Simulation Program

Gifts and pledges of all sizes are appreciated. Multiyear pledges may be fulfilled over three years. For more information, please call the Development Office at (800) 225-8664 to speak with a development officer.

Donors may also choose to designate a portion of their gift toward ongoing support of the Nursing Simulation Lab through the Michael and Carryn Anderson Endowment for Nursing Simulation, established in 2013 by Michael '99 and Carryn (Ensrude) Anderson '99. This endowed fund provides annual supplemental budgetary funding for the simulation lab.

 Norse Nurses: Bold reformers for the greater good of health and healthcare.

- from the Luther College Nursing mission statement

Nursing Simulation Lab