Main Renovation

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Main Renovation and Expansion

Renovation and Expansion of Main Building

Projected Cost: $12.7 million

One of two lead capital projects identified by Luther's strategic plan, the renovation and expansion of Main Building will bring together all humanities disciplines under one roof, while enhancing core academic spaces and centralizing administrative services to better serve Luther students. As home to the humanities, Main will house the Paideia program and academic departments including English; religion; philosophy; classics; and modern languages, literatures, and linguistics. Those who teach in the humanities are energized by this opportunity for a renewed faculty community within a primary academic building. Though fires in 1889 and 1942 destroyed two previous versions of Main, the proposed renovation and expansion of the current facility (constructed in 1952) will spark new energy into the learning environment and work spaces of this vital campus building.

 Since 1865, the tower of Main has been the visual center of the college, built at a high point of central campus. The renovation and expansion of this building that houses the humanities is meant to underscore their centrality to Luther.

While the renovation of Main will focus on the humanities, Luther's Center for Global Learning (CGL) will be the centerpiece of the new addition. Given how many Paideia II courses happen at sites around the world during January Term, there will be great synergy with CGL and Paideia as "neighbors" in Main. Prominently located near the glass atrium between the north and east entrances, the CGL will be a hub for conversations about study away and global exploration through Luther's many international learning opportunities.

In the fully renovated south wing, students and visitors will be greeted by staff at a new welcome desk on the first level. This reception area will serve as the gateway to the Registrar and Financial Aid offices and will help direct people to the offices or services they are seeking. Offices of Financial Services and Human Resources will be housed on the second level.

Classrooms and seminar rooms will be featured on the second and third levels in the north wing renovation. The heavily utilized Language Learning Center will also be housed on level three. Key work areas for Luther's Information Technology Services (ITS) department and the Document Center will be located on the first level.

Within the renovated tower, faculty offices will be located on levels three through six, with adjacent student study areas on each. The seventh level will feature dedicated study lounges, meeting rooms, and a catering space.

Luther hospitality will be showcased from top to bottom in the renovated Main. From the reception desk on the first level to the gathering spaces on the top of the tower overlooking the campus, this will be a facility that reflects Luther's strong sense of community.

Gifts to Main impact every Luther student.

The humanities are core to the liberal arts curriculum, and during their undergraduate experience, all students will take classes, meet with faculty, and utilize services housed in Main. Regardless of majors, each and every student on our campus spends time in this academic and administrative building. Likewise, every Luther graduate in the past 65 years has no doubt experienced the academic spaces and administrative offices in Main. The building on this historic location--in all its variations from 1865 to the present--has been central to the Luther College mission. With your philanthropic support, Main will continue to serve students, faculty, and staff for decades to come!

Key features of the project:

  • Dynamic glass entrances from the north, east, and south
  • Modern, technology-enhanced classrooms
  • Comfortable seminar rooms and meeting spaces
  • Study areas adjacent to faculty offices
  • Private faculty offices near teaching and meeting spaces
  • Scenic views of central campus and the Oneota Valley from the new tower