City vs. City Challenge

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After graduation, Luther alumni scatter across the world but no matter where we settle, we seem to find one another. When we do, we’re excited and insist that there's probably not another community of Luther alumni with as much pride as us. For alumni living near Denver; Washington, D.C.; Des Moines; Decorah; Chicago; and the Twin Cities this happens all of the time.But there's no possible way that every one of these cities can have the most Luther pride.

It's time to decide who reigns as the metro-area with the most love for Luther and can win the title of "Luther's Gnome-town!"
From 6am-9pm we will track the percentage of alumni giving in each area. Every person that gives brings you one step closer to claiming the title and earning a party in your town hosted by Luther's Alumni and Development Office.

We will bring Luther to you (along with the party and a very enthusiastic gnome). Keep an eye out on social media and on this page for hourly updates on each city's progress.
Who will win?

It's up to you to decide... Go Norse!