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Barbara Palombi '71 - Vira and Frank Palombi Scholarship

The Paulsen Family - Paulsen Family Scholarship

Bob '78 and Barb Paulson - Bob and Barb Paulson Family Scholarship

Lynn '76 and Ruth (Hanna) Paulson '78 - Ruth and Lynn Paulson Academic Opportunity Scholarship

Martha (Hovde) Paulson '64 - Wayne C. Paulson Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Bertha Marie Pederson - Erven and Marie Pederson Endowed Scholarship

Alumni, Parents, and Friends of Timothy '86 and Sandra Peter - Timothy and Sandra Peter Music Leadership Award

Estate of Carl Petersen - Carl W. Petersen Scholarship

Betty (Fey) '55 and Merle Peterson - Wanberg Family Scholarship

Colleen (Voehl) Peterson '58 and the Peterson Family - Roger W. and Colleen F. Peterson Church Relations Scholarship

Gregory Mark Peterson '83 and Ann Sponberg Peterson - Peterson Scholarship

Hamlet '54 and Suzanne Peterson - Hamlet and Suzanne Peterson Scholarship

The Peterson Family - Hamlet E. and Thelma Peterson Memorial Scholarship

Lowell '58 and Mary Peterson - Dr. Lowell and Mary Peterson Scholarship

Estate of Luther Peterson '61 - Luther D. Peterson Scholarship

Walter Peterson - Doris H. Peterson Memorial Scholarship

David '43 and Ann Preus - David and Ann Preus Scholarship

Estate of Herman A. '16 and Florence N. Preus - Herman A. and Florence N. Preus Scholarship

J.C.K Preus '02 and Dikka Brandt Preus - Margrethe and Rolf Preus Memorial Scholarship

The Pribbenow Family - Pribbenow Family Scholarship

Lucile B. Price - Lucile Brickner Brown Price Scholarship

Family, Classmates, Teammates, and Friends of Norbert Pruisner '61 - Norbert L. Pruisner Memorial Scholarship

Eileen Qualley Olson '48 - Orlando W. and Clara P. Qualley Classical Scholarship

Osmond and Phyllis Quandahl - Quandahl Food Ranch Scholarship

Estate of Melvin Rasmussen - Melvin A. Rasmussen Scholarship

Terry (Thiele) Rasmussen '67 - James D. Rasmussen Family Scholarship 

Leonard and Mavis Rathjen - Dennis R. Rathjen Memorial Music Scholarship

The Reader's Digest Foundation - Reader's Digest Foundation Scholarship

Family and Friends of Herbert Rebassoo - Rebassoo Family Scholarship

Bill '03 and Lisa Reece - Bill and Lisa Reece Family Scholarship

The Reilly Construction Company - Reilly Construction Company Scholarship

Alan '83 and Heidi (Koukkari) Reitz '84 - Alan Duane and Heidi Koukkari Reitz Scholarship

Brian '98 and April (Johnson) Remfrey '98 - Nicolas Remfrey Memorial Scholarship

Velma (Beers) '54 and Alvin Renaas - Alvin S. and Velma Renaas Scholarship

Sharon (Rose) '71 and James Rendack - James and Sharon (Rose) Rendack Scholarship

Estate of Alice Reuter '77 - Alice Reuter Scholarship

Sally (Wooster) Richardson '69 and Helen Wooster - James and Helen Wooster Memorial Scholarship

Fred Rippy - Christine C. Cihlar Memorial Scholarship

Clara Riveland - Irving L. Riveland Science Scholarship

Daniel '67 and Marilyn Rivers - Daniel and Marilyn Rivers Mathematics Scholarship

The Thomas R. Roberts Family - Thomas R. Roberts Memorial Scholarship

The Thomas R. Roberts Family - Thomas R. Roberts, Jr. and Henrietta Vikesland Roberts Scholarship

The Robertson Family - Robertson Family Scholarship

Dorothy Sampson Roelfs - Freeman and Marie Hoffland Sampson Scholarship

Louise Rolfs '52 - Dorothy Y. Emmons Scholarship in Elementary Education

William Ronan '24 - William P. Ronan Scholarship

Joseph C. Rood - Kristen Johansen Rood Scholarship

Lucille Rosholt - Lucille Stansberry Rosholt Scholarship in Music

Robert '51 and Lucille Rosholt - Herman and Olga Hage Rosholt Scholarship

"Robert Rosholt '51 - Lucille Stansberry Rosholt Distinction in Accompanying and

Collaborative Keyboard Performance Award"

Robert Rosholt '51 - Robert L. Rosholt Scholarship in Political Science

David '59 and Joy Roslien - Roslien Family Scholarship in Natural History

The Rotto Family - Rotto Family Scholarship

Jeff '66 and Marilyn (Haugen) Roverud '66 - Jeff and Marilyn Roverud Family Scholarship in the Humanities

Steven Runde '97 - Karl Runde Memorial Scholarship

Family and Friends of Orville M. Running, and the Running Estate - Orville M. Running Memorial Art Scholarship

Orville Running - Mildred L. Lund Scholarship

Orville Running - Marjorie Olney Running Memorial Scholarship

Paul Sabby '74 - Leland and Ina Sabby Scholarship

Oliver Sand '27 - Jacob and Tina Sand Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Delores Sande '65 - Dolores Sande Scholarship

Elisabeth (Marvin) '00 and Shane Sandersfeld - Sandersfeld Endowed Scholarship

Robert '68 and Dell Ann (Kappus) Sathe '68 - Sathe Scholars Opportunity Scholarship

Robert '68 and Dell Ann (Kappus) Sathe '68 - Sathe Scholars Promise Scholarship

Britt Sather '78 - Britt Sather Scholarship

Robert Savre '53 - Harold K. Savre Scholarship

Steven Schaver '76 - Steven B. Schaver Spanish Studies Scholarship

Tonya (Schwers) '97 and Corey Schmidt '98 - Tonya and Corey Schmidt Study Abroad Scholarship

Jack '61 and Helen Schultz - Jack J., Helen K., Jay Arthur and James Allen Schultz Family Scholarship

Family and Friends of Edsel and Helen Schweizer - Edsel and Helen Schweizer Scholarship

Family and Friends of Matthew A. Schwendeman - Matthew A. Schwendeman Memorial Scholarship

Ronald Seaver '54 - Ronald Seaver Music Scholarship

Estate of Anne Seltzer - David and Anne Seltzer Scholarship

Vernon Serfling - Mildred and Vernon Serfling Scholarship

Edgar '38 and Gerda (Nelson) Sersland - Sersland-Nelson Family Scholarship

Rebecca (Linnevold) '71 and Robert Shaw - Willard and Yvonne Linnevold Scholarship in Music

Stephen '71 and Katie (Kvale) Sheppard '71 - Richard L. and Margaretha Sheppard Scholarship

The Siebert Lutheran Foundation, Inc. - Siebert Founding Congregation Award

Estate of Chester Simonson - Sadie Simonson Memorial Art Scholarship

Members of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin - Pastor Roger and Marilyn Skatrud Scholarship

Parents, Fellow Students, Teachers, and Friends of Phil Skattum '57 - Skattum Memorial Scholarship

Helen Smith - James M. and Helen K. Smith Scholarship

Carolyn Solberg, Family and Friends of Paul Solberg '61 - Paul and Carolyn Solberg Family Scholarship 

Mary Lou (Schmitt) '68 and Floyd Sollien - Floyd S. and Mary Lou Sollien Natural History Scholarship

Tex Sordahl '73 - T. Albon and Gladys E. Sordahl Scholarship

Estate of Ingvald Sorensen '36 - Ingvald B. and Helen C. Sorensen Memorial Scholarship

Morris A. Sorenson, Jr. '49, The Sorenson Family - Morris A. Sorenson Family Scholarship

Susan Sorlien '73 and Arne Sorlien '51 - Sorlien Family Scholarship

Terry '62 and Suzanne Sorom - Terry and Suzanne Sorom Scholarship

Members of the 1914 and 1936 Luther College Concert Bands - Carlo A. Sperati Memorial Music Scholarship

Joel Spoonheim '92 and Lani Willis '94 - Spoonheim/Willis Scholarship

Members of St. John Lutheran Church - St. John Lutheran Church Scholarship

Estate of Knute Stalland '18 - Knute D. and Cathinka P. Stalland

Estate of Gretchen (Woldt) Stearns '35 - John Irons Stearns Scholarship

Olai and Caroline Steen - Olai and Caroline Steen Scholarship

Maynord Steensgard '52 - Maynard I. Steensgard Education Scholarship

Estate of Halberta Steensland - Halberta Steensland Scholarship

Mark and Roxanne Steine - Mark and Roxann Steine Scholarship in Pre-Medicine and Nursing

Estate of Ruth Steinmetz - Ruth Steinmetz Scholarship

Estate of Ruth Steinmetz - Ruth Steinmetz Center for Global Learning Scholarship

Estate of Genevieve Stelberg - Genevieve E. Stelberg Award

Jon and Rebecca Stellmacher - James M. Stellmacher Scholarship

Steven '81 and Carmen (Hansen) Stenhaug '82 - Steven and Carmen Stenhaug Scholarship

Carol (Barth) '75 and Tim Stoddard - Tim and Carol Barth Stoddard Scholarship

The Stoneman Family - William and Muriel Stoneman Family Scholarship

Roy Storts - Dorothy Storts Scholarship

Roy Storts - Roy L. Storts Scholarship

Sarah Strandjord '70 - Strandjord Family Scholarship

Ryan Stroschein '99 - Ryan Stroschein Computer Science Scholarship

Karen (Mathews) '65 and Mark Stuart - Mathews Family Scholarship

Eleanor Studier - Martin H. Studier Memorial Scholarship

Harold and Lucille Svanoe - Harold and Lucille Svanoe Scholarship

Robert and June Swenson - Robert and June Swenson Scholarship

Estate of Ida Swensrud - Hannah and Ida Swensrud Memorial Scholarship

James '72 and Susan (Capretz) Symonds '72 - Symonds-Capretz Family Scholarship