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Alumni, Faculty, and Friends of R. Clark Mallam - R. Clark Mallam Memorial Scholarship in Anthropology

Classmates and Friends of Christopher Martinat - Christopher Martinat Memorial Scholarship

The Martinson Family - Melvin and Ethel Martinson Scholarship

Marilyn (Lokensgard) '57 and Ronald Martinson '57 - Bernhard and Eleanor Lokensgard Scholarship

Family and Friends of Ron Martinson '57 - Rev. Ronald Martinson Memorial Scholarship

Paul '81 and Miri (Peterson) Mattson '81 - Paul R. and Miri K. Mattson Scholarship

Anne (Mattson) '84 and Mitch McAnallen - Anne (Mattson) '84 and Mitch McAnallen Scholarship

Friends of Jay and Kay McGrew - Jay and Kay McGrew Endowed Scholarship

Lela McLeod - Lela Jackson McLeod Scholarship

Family and Friends of Martha Genevieve Meade '79 - Martha Genevieve Meade Memorial Scholarship

David and Patricia Meyer - David and Patricia Meyer Family Scholarship

Midwest Benefits, Inc. - Midwest Benefits, Inc. Scholarship

Todd '93 and Nicole Michaels - Todd and Nicole Michaels Endowed Scholarship

Bradley '86 and Jane (Dalen) Miller '86 - Dalen-Miller Family Scholarship

Dave '64 and Pat Miller - David E.G. and M. Patricia Miller Scholarship

Edward and Constance Miller - Edward C. and Constance M. Miller Family Scholarship

Suzanne (Roverud) '96 and Corey Mineck - Corey and Suzanne (Roverud) Mineck Scholarship

Robert Moen '36 - Mrs. Robert C. Moen Music Scholarship

Stanley Moen - Dr. Stanley T.F. Moen Scholarship

Violet Moen - Harlan T. Moen Memorial Scholarship

The Moen and Reinhart Families - Frederick W. Moen Communications Scholarship

Estate of Verlaine Mohler - John Mohler Scholarship

Martin Mohr and Mary Hull Mohr - John and Mabel Bale Scholarship

Martin Mohr and Mary Hull Mohr - Martin Mohr and Mary Hull Mohr Scholarship

Estate of Tim Moilien '34 - Anne Lee Moilien Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Tim Moilien '34 - Jerrold L. Moilien Scholarship

Tim Moilien '34 - David Theodore Nelson Memorial Scholarship

Tim Moilien '34 - Oscar L. Olson Memorial Scholarship

Tim Moilien '34 - William P. Sihler Memorial Scholarship

Tim Moilien '34 - Carl W. Strom Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Duane Monette '69 - Duane R. Monette Scholarship

The Monson Family - Herman W. and Hulda Monson Scholarship

Family and Friends of Leonard Monson '29 - Leonard J. Monson Memorial Medical Scholarship

Tom '77 and Ann (Johnson) Monson '78 - John H. Monson Endowed Fund for International Education

Bill Moorcroft - William and Christina Moorcroft Scholarship

Family and Friends of Don Moore '38 - Don R. and Mary Jane Moore Memorial Scholarship

Sandy (Sabin) Moore '74 - Lennis Moore Scholarship in Art

Arthur '24 and Laura Mork - Laura Mork Scholarship

Ruth Mostrom - Ruth Mostrom Scholarship for International Students

Estate of Alida N. Motland - Alida Motland Endowed Music Scholarship

Ingolf Motland - Ingolf Motland Scholarship

Paul '79 and C. Elise (Barton) Mullen '80 - Emersyn Ann Mullen Memorial Scholarship in Nursing

Tom and Jean Murray - Murray-Snyder Family Scholarship

Ray and Betty Musgrave - Ray and Betty J. Musgrave Scholarship

Family and Friends of Paul Myklebust - Paul L. Myklebust Memorial Scholarship

Friends of Sylvia Gift Nabukeera '10 - Sylvia Gift Nabukeera Scholarship

Family and Friends of Erling Naeseth '47 - Erling Naeseth Memorial Scholarship

Duane and Phyllis Nedrud - Kilness Scholarship

The Nelson Families of Mayville, North Dakota and Viroqua, Wisconsin - Nelson Scholarship

The Roald '54 and Ruth Nelson Family - Nelson Family Scholarship

Family and Friends of Albin Nelson '39 - Albin J. and Tillie M. Nelson Memorial Scholarship

Carl O. Nelson - Pastor Carl O. and Edith W. Nelson Endowed Scholarship

Carolyn (Nuttall) '62 and James Nelson - Carolyn and James Nelson Scholarship

Connie (Jolstad) Nelson '60 - Connie Jolstad Nelson Scholarship

Cy '76 and Ramona (Feller) Nelson '75 - Jana Elizabeth Nelson Memorial Scholarship

David T. '49 and Betty (Rikansrud) Nelson '57 - Andrea Nelson and Kathryn Nelson Endowed Scholarship

Glenn Nelson - Glenn I. Nelson Endowed Scholarship

Harland and Corinne Nelson - Harland and Corinne Nelson Scholarship

Estate of Joy L. Nelson - Joy and Elizabeth Nelson Scholarship

Justin '41 and Milly (Meyer) Nelson '44 - Justin A. and Milly M. Nelson Scholarship

Lloyd Nelson '51 - Lloyd '51 and LaVine Nelson Scholarship

Martin Nelson '16 - Dr. Martin J. Nelson Scholarship

Millard and LaVonne Nelson - Millard and LaVonne Nelson Scholarship

Estate of Ole Nelson - Ole A. Nelson Scholarship

Family and Friends of Solveig Lee Nelson - Solveig Lee Nelson Music Scholarship

Oberlin Nereson '27 - Oberlin B. and Ethel E. Nereson Memorial Scholarship

Luther Nervig '64 and Sylvia (Nervig) Schmid '66 - Casper B. and Nora J. Nervig Scholarship

Douglas '77 and Rebecca (Gaumnitz) Neve '77 - Neve Family Scholarship

Estate of Ronald Newman - Ronald C. Newman Scholarship

Dale and Sunny Nimrod - Dale and Sunny Nimrod Family Scholarship

Alumni and Friends of Weston Noble - Weston Noble Anniversary Scholarship

Weston Noble '43 - Weston Noble Music Scholarship

Steve '81 and Kari Noltner - Stephen W. and Kari M. Noltner Scholarship

The Norby Family - Charles H. Norby Scholarship in History

Emma and Nora Nordgaard - G.N. Nordgaard Family Endowed Scholarship

Karl Nordgaard '25 - Karl H. and Anna B. Nordgaard Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Alan '61 and Willis Nordhem '49 - Nordhem Family Scholarship

Hildy (Kronlokken) '54 and Frank Norman - Franklin C. and Hildred O. Kronlokken Norman Scholarship

David (Chip) '82 and Jari Norris - Chip and Jari Norris Endowed Leadership Scholarship

Alumni of the Nottingham Program - Nottingham Alumni Scholarship

Nottingham Program Alumni (1977-1978) - Loyal and Marilyn Rue Study Abroad Scholarship

Neal '59 and Gerry (Mosby) Nottleson '59 - Neal and Gerry Nottleson Scholarship

Jim '83 and Karen Nussle - Jim Nussle Leadership Scholarship

Marvin Nystrom - Marvin T. Nystrom Endowed Scholarship

Miriam (Strum) Odden '62 and Karen (Strum) Bear '70 - George and Arline Strum Scholarship

Fran '59 and Miriam (Strum) Odden '62 - Fran and Miriam Strum Odden Scholarship

Marsha (Weckwerth) '82 and Lee Olch - Reginald D. Laursen Mathematics Scholarship

Anna Margrethe Olsen - Anders Christian Olsen and Anna Reisetter Olsen Scholarship

Christine Olsen '78 - Marilyn Wilcox Hines Memorial Scholarship

Conway and Katherine Olson - David G. Olson '76 Scholarship

Estate of Ella L. Olson - Clifford O. Olson Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Grace Alice Olson - Hans and Grace Olson Memorial Scholarship

The Family of Johanna Olson '01 - Johanna Olson Memorial Scholarship

Family and Friends of Leon Olson '63 - Leon Olson Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Marion L. Olson '48 - Marion L. Olson Scholarship

Estate of Myrtle Olson - Myrtle J. Olson Scholarship

Owen '32 and Helen Olson - Owen L. and Helen R. Olson Scholarship

Estate of Ronald Olson '65 - Ronald D. Olson Endowed Scholarship for European History

Estate of Marie (Gibson) Olsson '41 - Marie Louise Halvorsen Gibson Olsson Scholarship

Estate of Marie Louise Halvorsen Gibson Olsson '41 - Reverend Nils Edwin Halvorsen Scholarship

Estate of Iver A. Opstad '11 - Iver A. Opstad Scholarship

Family and Friends of Susan Osheim '71 - Susan L. Osheim Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Sandra Osler - Osler Education Scholarship

The Osmundson Family - Jarl L. (Jay) Osmundson Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Connie L. Osmundson '71 - Gudrun Lyngaas Osmundson Scholarship for Excellence in Nursing

Estate of Lucille Ostermann - Ostermann Family Scholarship

Estate of Maud Otjen - Maud E. Otjen Scholarship

The Overholt Family - Overholt Family Scholarship

Duane '66 and Denay Oyen - Rose and Burton Oyen Nursing/Health Care Scholarship