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Mary Ellen (Grue) '52 and Vernon C. Iverson '50 - Charlotte B. Schilling Grue Scholarship

Vernon C. and Mary Ellen Iverson - Iverson Scholarship

Dale and Marlys Jackson - Jackson Family Scholarship

Friends and Family of Robert Jacobsen '37 - Robert S. Jacobsen Scholarship

Reuben '28 and Mary Jacobson - Jacobson Endowed Memorial Scholarship

The James Family - Thomas F. and Frances M. James Scholarship

Helen (Hoff) James '65 and Betty Hoff '60 - Helen (Hoff) James Music Scholarship

Estate of Floyd Jensen - Floyd and Ragna Jensen Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Lois D. Jenson '51 - Rev. Canute and Emma Jenson Memorial Scholarship

Martin '19 and Avis Jenson - Jenson Music Scholarship

Estate of Carl Jessen '09 - Carl Arthur Jessen Scholarship

Anna Johnson - Leon A. and Anna S. Johnson Endowed Scholarship

Erving and Phyllis Johnson - Maynard E. Aaker and George C. Strum Scholarship

Glen '70 and Kathryn (Selzer) Johnson '71 - Glen M. and Kathryn L. Johnson Scholarship

Karen (Gulsvig) '61 and David Johnson - Erik Paul Nils Johnson Scholarship

Katherine Johnson-Becklin and Jay Becklin - Lutheran Heritage Scholarship for Southern Wisconsin

Darlene (Peterson) '55 and Robert Jones - Hiram Peterson Memorial Scholarship

Darlene (Peterson) '55 and Robert Jones - Darlene (Peterson) Jones and Robert B. Jones Scholarship Fund 

Robert Jones - Darlene (Peterson) Jones and Robert Jones Scholarship

Robert Jones '78 and Eric Jones - John L. Jones Scholarship

Sandee (Neitzel) '87 and Jon Joppa '85 - Charles Alden Neitzel Scholarship

Leigh Jordahl '45 - Lois Valborg and Leigh D. Jordahl Scholarship

Estate of Clarence L. Jordalen - Dr. Marian I. Jordalen Scholarship

Douglas Jordan '61 and Lynne (Jordan) Enerson '63 - Marlin and Lillian Jordan Music Scholarship

Gerald and Agnes Jorgenson - Gerald A. and Agnes M. Jorgenson Family Scholarship

Estate of Betty Juhasz - Andrew O. Anderson Memorial Scholarship

The Kaasa Family - Kaasa Family Scholarship

Haldis (Solem) Kaasa '81 - Harris E. Kaasa Memorial Scholarship 

Elizabeth Kaschins - Edward A. Kaschins Endowed Scholarship in Economics, Accounting, or Management

Monica (Ike) '78 and Gordon Kasel - Monica Ike Kasel and Gordon F. Kasel Music Scholarship

Scott '87 and Ruth (Berschet) Kauls '88 - Scott I. and Ruth A. Kauls Scholarship

Dorothy Kegarise - Huebner Kegarise Art Scholarship

The Kemp Family - Don Kemp Memorial Social Work Scholarship

Don and Jane Kemp - Anna (Kemp) and Russell Norris Endowed Scholarship

Jane, Don, and Anna Kemp - Dorothy (Bonnell) and Russell Ziemer Scholarship

Estate of Linka Kempf - Linka C. Kempf Music Scholarship

John '76 and Karen Kerndt - John and Karen Kerndt Family Scholarship

Alice (Hogenson) Kienberger-Iverson '54 - Hogenson Family Scholarship

The Kintzinger Family - Jeld-Wen Scholarship

The Kintzinger Family - Kintzinger Scholarship

Doug Kintzinger '82 - John Garwood Endowed Scholarship

Doug Kintzinger '82 and Rachel (Kintzinger) Harpham '90 - Willie and Denise Davismckennie Scholarship

Doug Kintzinger '82 and Rachel (Kintzinger) Harpham '90 - Outstanding Women in Math and Statistics Scholarship

Estate of Jewel W. Kintzinger - Jewel Theatre Arts Scholarship

Estate of Jewel W. Kintzinger - Kintzinger Family Rochester Semester Scholarship

The Kittelsland Family - Agnes H. Kittelsland Scholarship

Dean '52 and Elsie (Nesset) Kittleson '51 - C. Dean and Elsie L. Kittleson Family Scholarship

Estate of Arthur and Amelia Klingsheim - Kenneth A. Klingsheim Memorial Scholarship

Stephen '81 and Mary (Macal) Knutson '83 – Mary (Macal) and Stephen Knutson Promise Scholarship

Fred '73 and Stephanie (Hanson) Koch '73 - Hanson-Koch Scholarship

Solveig Sperati Korte '74 - Carleton A. Sperati Memorial Scholarship

Stephen '63 and Susan Kraabel, and Timothy Kraabel '88 - Stephen E. and Susan L. Kraabel Actuarial Award

A. Thomas '56 and Janice Kraabel  - Kraabel Family Scholarship

The Kruger Family - Philip H. and Jodi I. (Anderson) Kruger Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Delores Kudej - Merle and Delores Kudej Scholarship

The Kuh Family - Kristi Buckneberg Kuh Memorial Scholarship

Friends and Colleagues of David '64 and Camille Kundert - David and Camille Kundert Leadership Scholarship

The Kust Family - Robert R. Kust Memorial Family Scholarship

Estate of Amanda Langemo - Amanda O. Langemo Scholarship

David '69 and Julie Larson - David and Julie Larson Scholarship

Friends of Donald Larson - Donald Larson Memorial Scholarship

Edson and Margaret Larson - C. Norman Brunsdale Endowed Scholarship

Edson and Margaret Larson - G. Elmer Brunsdale Memorial Scholarship

Edward '43 and Lorraine Larson - Edward N. and Lorraine E. Larson Family Fund

Estate of Laura Larson - Alf B. and Laura J. Larson Scholarship

O. Dale Larson '61 - Oscar and Betha Larson Endowed Scholarship

Family and Friends of Brianne Lee '78 - Brianne Lee Spanish Scholarship

The Family of Robert H. Lee '55 - Robert H. Lee Endowed Scholarship

Ronald Lee '62 and Marie Bender-Lee - Lee Family Music Scholarship

The Leistikow Family - George and Minnie Leistikow Scholarship

Family and Friends of Scott D. Leith '86 - Scott D. Leith Memorial Scholarship

Arlene K. Leslie - Esther E. Porter Scholarship

Estate of Malinda Letsch - Malinda Letsch Scholarship

David Lietz '88 and Suzette Derrevere - Dr. Paula J. Carlson and Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Schattauer Scholarship

James '56 and Martha (Ylvisaker) Limburg '56 - James and Martha Limburg Luther College Concert Band Scholarship

Ellen (Hanson) Lindop '46 - Ellen Hanson Lindop Scholarship

Justine (Holum) '50 and Paul Lionberger '49 - James O. and Katherine Holum Music Scholarship

Paul '49 and Justine (Holum) Lionberger '50 - Anna (Storaasli) Lionberger Memorial Scholarship

Paul '49 and Justine (Holum) Lionberger '50 - R. Justine and Paul H. Lionberger Scholarship

Lorri Lobeck '80 and David Shelstad - Lorri Lobeck and David Shelstad Scholarship

Douglas Lohafer '77 - Ole G. Landsverk Scholarship

Constance Lomen and Catherine Lomen-Hoerth - David O. Lomen Award in Mathematics

Richard and Doris Lomen - Ellen Lomen Memorial Scholarship

Jim '85 and Martha (Anderson) Looft '83 - Dr. Ronald and Lorna Anderson Scholarship 

Jim '85 and Martha (Anderson) Looft '83 - Richard and Elaine Looft Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Frederik Lord - Ellen Knudson Mather Memorial Scholarship

Robert '40 and Muriel Lounsberry - Robert H. and Muriel C. Lounsberry Scholarship

James '79 and Janis (Miller) Lovell '80 - Lovell Family Scholarship

Juanita (Zeman) '56 and Russell Loven '58 - Loven-Zeman Scholarship

The Lubben Family - Lawrence and Betty Lubben Scholarship

Warren '68 and Mary Luckner - Huseby-Luckner Scholarship

Estate of Kenneth Lueder '65 - Kenneth A. Lueder Scholarship in Mathematics

Estate of Ruth Lunde '49 - Ruth M. Lunde Nursing Scholarship 

Luther College Alumni Council - Alumni Council Scholarship

Luther College Alumni and Friends in honor of alumni veterans - Luther College Alumni Veterans Association Scholarship

Luther College Alumni and Friends - Luther College Symphony Orchestra Vienna Residency Scholarship

Luther College Black Alumni Association - Black Alumni Association Scholarship

Luther College Board of Regents - H. George and Jutta F. Anderson

Luther College Board of Regents - Jeffrey D. and Shirley A. Baker Scholarship

Luther College Board of Regents - Luther College Regents' Promise Scholarship

Luther College Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Friends - Cultural and Racial Diversity Scholarship

Luther College Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Friends - Luther College Community Scholarship

Luther College Woman's Club - Luther College Woman's Club Scholarship

Lutheran Brotherhood - Lutheran Brotherhood Fund for Lutheran Students

Dale and Kathleen Lyndahl - Kay and Dale Lyndahl Scholarship