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Friends and Family of Virginia Baker Faldet - Virginia Baker Faldet Memorial Scholarship

Friends and Classmates of Colin Farbotko '00 - Colin Y. Farbotko Memorial Scholarship

Alumni, Friends and Colleagues of E.D. Farwell - E. D. Farwell Presidential Scholarship

E.D. and Helen Farwell - Farwell Endowed Scholarship

Oliver Ferguson '27 - Oliver C. Ferguson Endowed Scholarship

Jim Field '54 - Jim Field Scholarship

Kent '54 and Lois Finanger - Kent and Lois Finanger Scholarship

Family and Friends of Lucia Finanger - Lucia H. and Kent E. Finanger Scholarship

The Fiskerbeck Family - Victor A. Fiskerbeck Memorial Scholarship

C. Alford Fjeldstad, Jr. - Fjeldstad-Losen Scholarship

Ruth N. Fjelstad - Luther College Global Partners Scholarship

Robert '66 and Lynne Fjelstul - Lillian Fjelstul Scholarship

Janet (Strube) '67 and Tim Fleming '67 - Jan and Tim Fleming Scholarship

Ann (Stauffer) '66 and Richard Flisrand - Richard A. and Ann K. (Stauffer) Flisrand Scholarship

James '64 and Judy (Larson) Fogdall '65 - James S. and Judith L. Fogdall Scholarship

Larry Fogdall '62 - A. N. and Florence B. Fogdall Endowed Scholarship

Dolye R. Fosso - Ida M. and Olaf J. Fosso Prize in American History

The Forde and Preus Families - Forde-Preus Music Scholarship

Alumni and Friends in honor of Ron Fox - Ron Fox Scholarship

Ron and Carole Fox - Dr. Ronald and Carole Fox Music Scholarship

John '68 and Deborah (Lynam) Franke '69 - Deborah '69 and John '68 Franke Scholarship

Karen (Paulson) Fretheim '63 - Ronald L. Fretheim Family Scholarship

Terence '56 and Faith (Luzum) Fretheim '56 - Terence E. and Faith L. Fretheim Scholarship for Environmental Studies and the Care of Creation

Jerry Freund and Ann Highum - George and Virginia Freund Scholarship

Duane C. '34 and Mary E. Friedlund - D. C. Friedlund Family Scholarship

L. Eliel '40 and M. Marion Fritz - Charles A. Fritz Memorial Scholarship

Ivern (Johnson) Frost '53 - Gerhard E. Frost Memorial Scholarship

Helene (Rowe) Furst '48 - Helene Furst Endowed Scholarship

B.C. Gamble and P.W. Skogmo Foundation - Gamble-Skogmo Endowed Scholarship

Richard '50 and Lorraine Gandrud - Richard and Lorraine Gandrud Scholarship

Robert and Nancy Gandrud - Robert and Nancy Gandrud Family Scholarship

Mabel Gasley - Torrie and Julia Lee Gesley Memorial Scholarship

Spencer A. Gedestad '44 - Spencer A. Gedestad Scholarship

Estate of Tomina Germanson - Tomina Germanson Scholarship

Tom and Juanita Gilbertson - Jeanne (Gilbertson) Stelloh Scholarship

Callista (Bisek) '88 and Newt Gingrich - Newt and Callista Gingrich Scholarship

Margaret Gjerde - Myhren I. and Margaret Gjerde Scholarship

Ingeborg (Bader) Goessl '60 - Ingeborg Goessl Study Abroad Scholarship

Jesse, Bruce, and Cosette Goetsch - Lorraine and Jesse F. Goetsch Endowed Scholarship

Mark '79 and Karen Gould - Mark and Karen Gould Endowed Scholarship in Organ and Church Music

Steven '76 and Julie (Huntting) Grandgeorge '77 - Steven '76 and Julie (Huntting) Grandgeorge '77 Scholarship

Robert Grandrud - Carl F. Granrud Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Andrew J. Gray '92 - James B. Gray Family Scholarship

Family and Friends of Andrew J. Gray '92 - Andrew J. Gray Memorial Scholarship

Jan (Engle) '62 and John Gray - John P. and Janice Engle Gray Scholarship

Phyllis Gray '73 - Alma Everlyn Gray Study Abroad Scholarship

Alumni and Friends of David Greedy - David Greedy Memorial Scholarship

Larry and Zylpha Gregerson - Gregerson Scholarship

Leon and Linda Gregg - Gregg Family Scholarship

Maryln (Johnson) Grimm '50 - Johnson-Grimm Family Scholarship

Beverly and David Gross - Landis Gross Scholarship

Patricia Gunderson '70 - Solomonson-Gunderson Scholarship

Marie Colrud Gunther - Irvin W. and Marie Colrud Gunther Family Scholarship

H and H Distributing Company, Inc. - H and H Distributing Company, Inc. Endowed Scholarship

C. Carlyle '55 and Mary (Kittelsland) Haaland '56 - Osul T. Haaland Scholarship

Mary (Loken) '66 and Helmut Haas - Mary Loken Haas Scholarship

Helen (Hoff) Haatvedt '36 - Rolfe A. and Helen (Hoff) Haatvedt History Scholarship

Darvin Hacker '59, Michael Hacker, and Karen (Hacker) Kinnett - Elizabeth A. Hacker Scholarship

Alvida C. Hale and Lillian E. Ellerman - Ellerman Endowed Scholarship in Nursing

Alvida Hale - Ida Ellerman Radke Endowed Scholarship

Estate of Lorean K. Hall - Rodney M. Hall '58 Scholarship

Estate of Marion Hall - Marion O. Hall Scholarship

Hallett Charitable Trusts - Jessie F. Hallett Memorial Scholarship

Estate of August K. Halverson - August A. Halverson Scholarship

Estate of Lucille M. Hamilton - Merton J. and Lucille M. Hamilton Scholarship

The Hansen Family - Hansen Family Scholarship

Eugene '59 and Naomi (Borreson) Hanson '61 - Hanson-Borreson Family Scholarship 

Jean Hanson '71 - Carroll M. and Alice F. Hanson Scholarship

Kermit '38 and Jane (Haugen) Hanson '39 - Kermit O. and Jane E. Hanson Endowed Scholarship

Paul T. Hanson '51 - Dr. J. Tillman and Mildred Hanson, Dr. Paul T. Hanson, and Rhys E. Hanson Family Scholarship

Classmates and Friends of Kirk Harbaugh '78 - Kirk Harbaugh Accounting Scholarship

The Harr Family - Rasmus J. and Gudrun K. Thorson Harr Scholarship

Lee '84 and Linda (Rosholt) Hash '85 - Donald and Rosalie Otters Rosholt Endowed Scholarship in Education

Paul Hasvold '55 - Morris Hasvold Scholarship

Joan Haug - Sheryl K. Haug Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Dorothy I. Haugen - Dorothy I. Haugen Memorial Scholarship

Ray '55 and Dorothy Haugland '90 - Haugland Family Scholarship

The Hearst Foundation - William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship Fund

Alan '58 and Joanne (Hamberg) Heggen '59 - Heggen Family Scholarship

The Heileman Foundation - Heileman Endowed Scholarship

Lucille Heintz - Peter F. and Lucille R. Heintz Scholarship

William Heintz - William A. Heintz Scholarship

Adrian Helgeson '41 - Adrian S. Helgeson Endowed Scholarship in Accounting

Mark '71 and Lois (Lebakken) Helland '71 - Mark and Lois Helland Family Scholarship

The Hellie Family - Clara and Henry Hellie Scholarship

Dorothea (Ofstedal) '49 and John Helms - John and Dorothea Ofstedal Helms Scholarship

Richard '64 and Joann (Harr) Hemp '65 - Richard C. and Joann M. Hemp Family Prize for Orchestral Performance

The Henderson Family - Rev. Wayne and Ruth Henderson Scholarship

Abner '26 and Lola Hendrickson - Abner A. and Lola M. Hendrickson Scholarship

Estate of Abner Henderickson '26 - Abner A. and Lola M. Hendrickson Memorial Music Scholarship

Nora (Forde) Hendrickson '49 - Kermit and Nora Hendrickson Low Brass Lessons Scholarship

Fay Henning-Bryant '64 - Fay M. Henning-Bryant '64 and Delano E. Bryant Concert Band International Touring Scholarship

Sheldon '52 and Renee (Aust) Hermanson '54 - Aust-Hermanson Scholarship

Family and Friends of Kristi Lee Hermeier '78 - Kristi Lee Hermeier Scholarship

Larry and Jane Herndon - Herndon Family Scholarship

Norma Hervey - William and Norma Hervey Scholarship

Estate of Lester '39 and Helen Hetager - Lester and Helen Hetager Scholarship

Michael '81 and Rhonda Hicks - George O. Bachelder and Orchard Mdzonga Endowed Scholarship

Elaine (Ottmers) '77 and Paul Hill - Amber Hill Anderson and Elaine Ottmers Hill Scholarship

James '66 and Nancy (Loftus) Hill '68 - Alison A. Hill Memorial Scholarship

Albert Hjelle '24 - John Olson Hjelle and Anne Stumley Memorial Scholarship

Yvonne Ho '76 - Yvonne Ho Scholarship

Paul '26 and Hazel Hoel - Paul G. and Hazel H. Hoel Scholarship in Mathematics and Science

Family and Friends of Henry and Arlene Hoff - Henry and Arlene Hoff Family Scholarship

Donald and Mavis Hoffman - Njus-Sanderson Music Scholarship

Friends of Sigvart A. Hofland - Dr. Sigvart A. Hofland Memorial Scholarship

Jim '49 and Betty Holey - Jim and Betty Holey Scholarship

Clifford and Valerie Holien - Clifford and Valerie Holien Scholarship

Friends and Classmates of Stephen Holmgren '86 - Stephen W. Holmgren Memorial Scholarship

Honda Motorwërks of La Crosse - Honda Motorwërks of La Crosse Scholarship

Anna Hong - Engebret Nelson (Sebo) Hong Scholarship

Marguerite (Agena) '64 and Max Horn - Behrend (Ben) Agena '63 Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Selma Hougan - Selma B. Hougan Scholarship

Selma Hougen - Junior Bickle Scholarship

Bob and Arlene Houlihan - Robert and Arlene Houlihan Scholarship

Harold '32 and Gina Hove - Harold and Gina Hove Scholarship

David '66 and Carole Hoyem - Hoyem Family Scholarship

Friends of Clara Hoyt - Clara Hoyt Scholarship

Beatrice S. Huseby - Jean A. Sorenson Scholarship

Estate of Gerhard Hystad '23 - Gerhard Hystad Scholarship