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Ruth Caldwell and Uwe Rudolf - Ruth Caldwell and Uwe Rudolf Studies Abroad Scholarship

Gene (Flom) '58 and Ron Calgaard '59 - Calgaard Study Abroad Scholarship

Gene (Flom) '58 and Ron Calgaard '59 - Gene Flom Calgaard Scholarship

Camcar-Textron - Camcar-Textron Scholarship

Lori (Koch) '82 and Paul Cannestra - Koch-Cannestra Family Scholarship

David W. Carlson '85 - David Carlson Endowed Scholarship

Harley and Joyce Carlson - Harley C. and Joyce Kvaalen Carlson Scholarship for Lutheran Camp Counselors

Alan '62 and Rebecca Carpenter - Alan and Rebecca Carpenter Endowed Scholarship

Elmer Cato '49 - Elmer B. and Charlotte T. Cato Scholarship

John and Rose Chell - John and Rose Marie Chell Family Scholarship

Walt '68 and Aleta (Reckling) Chossek '69 - Reckling-Chossek Scholarship

The Col. L.C. Christensen Charitable and Religious Foundation - Col. L.C. Christensen Charitable and Religious Foundation Scholarship

Gordon '49 and Agnes Christianson - J. Gordon and Agnes M. Christianson Scholarship

Blanche Christy - Carl Andreas Carlsen Christy Scholarship

James and Dorothy Christy - Christy Family Scholarship

The Class of 1931 - Class of 1931 Scholarship

The Class of 1933 - Class of 1933 Scholarship

The Class of 1941 - Class of 1941 Scholarship

The Class of 1942 - Class of 1942 Scholarship

The Class of 1948 - Class of 1948 Scholarship

The Class of 1949 - Class of 1949 Scholarship

The Class of 1951 - Class of 1951 Scholarship

The Class of 1953 - Class of 1953 Scholarship

The Class of 1954 - Class of 1954 Scholarship

The Class of 1957 - Class of 1957 Scholarship

The Class of 1962 - Class of 1962 Scholarship

The Class of 1964 - Class of 1964 Scholarship

The Class of 1965 - Class of 1965 Scholarship

The Class of 1966 - Class of 1966 Scholarship

The Class of 1967 - Class of 1967 Scholarship

The Class of 1968 - Class of 1968 Scholarship

The Class of 1969 - Class of 1969 Scholarship

The Class of 1970 - Class of 1970 Scholarship

The Class of 1973 - Class of 1973 Scholarship

The Class of 1974 - Class of 1974 Scholarship

The Class of 1975 - Class of 1975 Scholarship

The Class of 1976 - Class of 1976 Scholarship

The Class of 1977 - Class of 1977 Scholarship

The Class of 1978 - Class of 1978 Scholarship

The Class of 1979 - Class of 1979 Scholarship

The Class of 1980 - Class of 1980 Scholarship

The Class of 1981 - Class of 1981 Scholarship

The Class of 1982 - Class of 1982 Scholarship

The Class of 1989 - Class of 1989 Scholarship 

The Class of 1991 - Class of 1991 Scholarship

The Cole Family - Richard G. Cole Scholarship in History

Ralph '49 and Ethel Colrud - Ralph and Ethel Colrud Scholarship

Estate of Hugh Conkey - Hugh Conkey Music Scholarship

Gardner and Florence Call Cowles Foundation - Gardner and Florence Call Cowles Endowed Scholarship

Bert S. and Bernice Cross - Cross Family Fund for Excellence in Nursing

"Bert S. Cross - Bernice Fischer Cross and Bert S. Cross Perpetual Endowment for the

Luther College Mayo Nursing Program and Health Sciences Program"

Estate of Bert and Mildred Dahl - Bert M. and Mildred O. Dahl Scholarship

Edward H. Dahly - Edward H. Dahly Scholarship

LeRoy and Colleen Darby - LeRoy and Colleen Darby Family Scholarship

Thor '93 and Wendy (Jaycox) Davidson '92 - Thor and Wendy Davidson Study Abroad Scholarship

Judith (Ream) Davis '62 - William and Judith Davis Scholarship

Elaine (Anderson) DeBuhr '44 - C.H. and Elaine DeBuhr Family Scholarship

DECO Products - DECO Products Scholarship

Decorah Bank and Trust Company - Decorah Bank and Trust Company Endowed Scholarship

Decorah College for Women Committee - Decorah College for Women (1932-1936) Scholarship

Chief Justice Roger L. Dell Charitable Trust - Richard C. Hefte '53 Memorial Scholarship

David '71 and Jenee (Nelson) Dettmann - Dettmann Family Scholarship

Family of John Dewey - John Dewey Memorial Music Scholarship

Anton DiGiovanni - Anton DiGiovanni Scholarship

Friends and Grateful Students of Adrian M. Docken - Adrian M. Docken Endowed Fund for Chemistry

Jonathan Doering '90 - Jonathan Doering Scholarship

Mark '70 and Vicki (Mohlis) Donhowe '70 - Robert Naslund Scholarship

An Anonymous Patron in memory of Edward W. Dosh '70 - Edward W. Dosh '70 Memorial Scholarship

Edward Dosh '70 - Robert H. Davis History Scholarship

Wilbur Dosland - Wilbur H. Dosland Scholarship

The Dotseth Family - Dotseth Family Legacy Scholarship

Ruth Drews '76 - Drews Brandt Family Scholarship

Donald and Selma Duvick - Randa J. Duvick Scholarship

Members of the Entrepreneurship Club - E-Club Entrepreneurial Leadership Prize

John Egenes - Sonja Carlsen Egenes Scholarship

Roger and Carolyn Eigenfeld - Roger C. and Carolyn J. Eigenfeld Scholarship

Lillian Ellerman - Lillian E. Ellerman Endowed Scholarship

Lillian Ellerman - Martin V. Ellerman Memorial Scholarship

Lillian Ellerman - Martin V. Ellerman, Ida Ellerman Radke, Alvida Ellerman Hale and Lillian E. Ellerman Scholarship

Lillian Ellerman - Alvida C. Hale Memorial Scholarship

Dinniemaud Ellingson - Dr. Herman E. Ellingson Scholarship

Marjorie (Morem) '55 and Erik Ellingson - Erik R. and Marjorie Ellingson Family Scholarship

Richard '39 and Leila Ellingson - Richard and Leila Ellingson Scholarship

Dennis and Jolene Elmore - Jolene Elmore Nursing Scholarship

Debra (Engelstad) '74 and Mark Elstad - Debra and Mark Elstad Scholarship

Martin Elstad '35 - Laura M. and Martin K. Elstad Scholarship

Duane L. Emerson - Emerson Family Scholarship

Henrik '57 and Marcia (Borreson) Engebretson '58 - Henrik and Marcia Engebretson Endowed Scholarship

Irene Engebretson - Oscar E. and Irene O. Engebretson Memorial Award

Family and Friends of Kathy Engebretson '77 - Kathryn J. Engebretson Memorial Scholarship

John English - Ruth Joshua English Theatre Scholarship

O.L. and Segrid Enstad - Tanya Marie Enstad Memorial Scholarship

The Espelie Family - Espelie Family Endowed Scholarship

Ann (Furman) Esse '71 - Douglas L. Esse Award in Political Science and Religion

John Esse '25 - John C. Esse and Katinka Bilsie Endowed Scholarship

Malcolm '30 and Maybelle Estrem - Malcolm and Maybelle Estrem Endowed Scholarship for Entrepreneurial Studies

Malcolm '30 and Maybelle Estrem - Malcolm J. and Maybelle Estrem Scholarship

Peggy and Bryan Ettestad - Ettestad Family Scholarship

Kenton H. Evenstad '57 and John H. Evenstad '88 - Evenstad Family Scholarship in Education