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A & J Petersburg Agency - A and J Petersburg Agency Scholarship

Maynard '39 and Minerva Aaker - Maynard and Minerva Aaker Scholarship

Scott Addington '69 - Mary Jo Homstad Scholarship

Scott Addington '69 - Dick and Immy Young Scholarship

The George I. Alden Trust - Luther College Science Scholarship

Edward J. and Betty Altorfer - Altorfer Family Scholarship

T. Louise Ambuel '43 - Ambuel Family Scholarship

The Amundson Family - Hazel and Alan Amundson Scholarship

Barbara (Moen) '65 and Richard Amundson '64 - Dr. Dale V. and Barbara Moen Scholarship

Gerald '48 and Ethel Amundson - Kenneth L. Berger Endowed Scholarship

Richard '64 and Barbara (Moen) Amundson '65 - Richard and Barbara Amundson Scholarship

Roger and Lois Amundson, Millard Gilbertson, and Dean and Elise Kittleson - East Clermont Lutheran Church Founding Congregation Scholarship

Estate of Robert Amunrud - Robert and Amy Amunrud Scholarship Fund

Estates of Arthur and Walter Anderson - Arthur and Walter Anderson Scholarship

Jutta F. Anderson - Olga Fischer-Proehl International Studies Scholarship

Jutta F. Anderson - Lars and Niels Herrmann-Anderson Scholarship

Lloyd and Mary Anderson - Steven Mark Anderson Scholarship

Maynard Anderson '54 - Anderson Family Scholarship

Roger '48 and Amme Anderson - Dr. Roger W. and Amme E. Anderson Endowed Scholarship

Ruth L. Anderson '50 - James A. and Ruth L. Anderson Scholarship

Family of Synneva Hella Anderson - Synneva Hella Anderson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Anonymous - Admissions Opportunity Endowed Scholarship

Anonymous - Alumnae of the Former Lutheran Ladies Seminary Scholarship

Anonymous - Friends of International Touring Scholarship

Anonymous - Stanley and Violet Hagen Scholarship

Anonymous - Kathryn E. Kalsow Scholarship

Anonymous - Ms. Endowed Scholarship

Anonymous - Uwe Jens Rudolf Accounting Scholarship

Anonymous - Tom Schmidt Business Management Scholarship

Anonymous - Jessa Kay Slostad Memorial Scholarship

Anonymous - Phillip Stoltenberg Scholarship for Prospective Teachers

Lois Ansett and Betty (Ansett) Witte - Dorothy M. Ansett Scholarship

Estate of Constance Arveson - Alfred N. Arveson Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Helen Atwater - Helen E. Atwater Scholarship

Estate of Helen Atwater - Helen E. Atwater Pre-Medical Scholarship Endowment

The Austin Family - Otto and Esther Austin Family Scholarship

Charles '42 and Carol Austin - Charles M. and Carol M. Austin Scholarship

Sally (Swab) '70 and Brad Austin - Sally (Swab) and Brad Austin Family Scholarship

Estate of George Baalson '15 - George Baalson Memorial Scholarship

Barbara (Kleene) '72 and Daniel Babine - Babine-Kleene Scholarship 

George '54 and Loretta (Blumhagen) Bachelder '76 - Bachelder Endowed Scholarship Fund

Friends, Colleagues, and Former Students of Barbara Bahe - Barbara Bahe Endowed Scholarship Fund

Carleton and Genevieve Baker - Carleton P. and Genevieve Baker Scholarship

Estate of Margaret J. Baker - Henry and Josephine Jansen Memorial Scholarship

John and Mabel Bale - Christian E. and Hazel S. Bale Memorial Scholarship

Family and Friends of Abbey Jean Almelien Banh '01 - Abbey Jean Almelien Banh Scholarship

Carol (Lewerer) Banks '69 - Donald B. Banks Memorial Scholarship

Steven '74 and Paulette (Engel) Barnes '74 - Barnes and Engel Memorial Scholarship

Family of Esther and Frank Barth - Esther S. and Frank P. Barth Scholarship

Frank '40 and Marjorie (Hove) Barth '42 - Frank R. Barth Prize in the Department of Economics, Accounting, and Management

Frank '40 and Marjorie (Hove) Barth '42 - Marjorie V. Barth Prize in the Department of Art

Janet (Hellie) '50 and Norman Barth '50 - Janet and Norman E. Barth Scholarship

Estate of Helen Astrid Barton - Helen Astrid Barton Memorial Scholarship

James and Anne Maree Bay - Erling H. Dyrstad Scholarship in Mathematics

The Beatty Family - Charles and Ann Beatty Family Global Learning Scholarship

Peggy (Hall) Beatty '74 - Marion and Peggy Beatty Family Scholarship

Evelyn Beaver - Lyle B. and Evelyn E. Beaver Scholarship

Stanley and Isabel Beck - Karen Christine Beck Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics

Family and Friends of Jim Beile '80 - Jim Beile Memorial Scholarship

E.E. "Ray" Bentdahl '59 - Bentdahl Scholarship

Sissel Berdal - Harold and Sissel Berdal Scholarship

Alvin Berg '55 - Alvin C. Berg Scholarship

Clifford Berg '34 - Clifford O. Berg Scholarship in Environmental Biology

Warren '48 and Jan (Reid) Berg '49 - Warren G. Berg Economics and Business Scholarship

Arthur '33 and Mary Louise Bergee - Arthur P. and Mary Louise Bergee Endowed Scholarship

Glenn Bergland '39 - Glenn and Delia Bergland Scholarship

Ann (Gulsvig) '67 and John Bergstad - Elmo and Margaret Gulsvig Endowed Scholarship

Estate of Harald '25 and Helen Bestul - Harald and Helen Bestul Memorial Scholarship

Carol Birkland '67 and Thomas Woxland - Carol J. Birkland Scholarship

Estate of Victor Bjorgo - Victor and Muriel Bjorgo Foundation Scholarship

Susan (Maclay) '64 and Paul Blackman - John A. Maclay Scholarship

Susan (Maclay) Blackman '64 - Susan Maclay Blackman Fellowship for Study Abroad

Ploma Blaha - Marie and Ploma Blaha Endowed Scholarship

Nancy (Larson) Bluemel '62 - Dr. Nancy Bluemel Study Abroad Scholarship

Joseph Bodensteiner '64 and John Bodensteiner '66 - Helen Adams Bodensteiner Scholarship

Marilyn Bohl '56 - Helen A. Strand Scholarship

Douglas Boleen '74 and Christine Wollan '76 - Wollan-Boleen Family Scholarship

Ann Bolinger - The Butterfly Fund

Ann Bolinger and Elizabeth Bolinger '03 - Dr. Ann Highum Scholarship

Estate of David Borders '73 - David P. Borders Endowed Scholarship Fund

Mary Jane Borelli and Glenn Nelson - M. Jane Borelli Endowed Scholarship

Fern Borge - Paul D. Borge Memorial Scholarship

Michael '38 and Betty Borge - Michael and Betty Borge Scholarship

Cathy (Turner) '69 and Jay Boulanger - Boulanger-Turner Family Scholarship 

Quentin and Inez Boyken - Boyken Family Scholarship

Nora Brakke - Leander B. Brakke Memorial Scholarship

Estate of Julius Brauer '01 - Julius J. and Joanna Jacobson Brauer Scholarship

Karen (Wilken) Braun '85 - Cory L. Braun Memorial Scholarship

Karen (Wilken) Braun '85 - Uwe Rudolf and Karen Braun Outstanding Accounting Scholar Award

Karen (Wilken) Braun '85 - JoAnne Elsa Kunde Wilken Scholarship 

Marion Brecke - Donald W. Brecke Scholarship

John '33 and Mildred Breiland - John G. and Mildred Breiland Endowed Scholarship

Alvin (Bud) '54 and Marion Brekken - Brekken Family Scholarship

Peggy Brenden '76 and Debra Wilson '71 - Brenden/Wilson Scholarship

Breuning Rock Products, Inc. and the Breuning Family - Bruening Rock Products Inc. Scholarship

Leo and JoAnn Brincks - Marie C. Brincks Memorial Scholarship

Renee (Anderson) '72 and Charles Brown - Renee (Anderson) and Charles S. Brown Jr. Scholarship

Alan R. '55 and Sally J. Brudos - Alan R. and Sally J. Brudos Family Prize for Opera Performance

Alan R. '55 and Sally J. Brudos - Emery O. Nordness Memorial Award for Businses

John '59 and Dorothy Brugge - Six Leaves Study Abroad Scholarship

Estate of Karl H. Brunsdale - J. Wilhelm Ylvisaker Memorial Scholarship

Myrtle Brunsvold - Brunsvold Endowed Scholarship

The Bunge Family - Bunge Family Scholarship

Donald '53 and Joan Bungum - Donald N. and Joan E. Bungum Scholarship

Donald Bunt '83 - Leslie and Lois Bunt Scholarship

Burger King Corporation - Michael T. Feldmann Burger King Corporation Scholarship

The Burger King Corporation - Karl O. Borge Burger King Corporation Scholarship

Lavern and Audrey Busse - Lavern and Audrey Busse Scholarship