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Scholarships listed alphabetically by donor


Beverly (Stark) Anderson '85 - Beverly Anderson First Generation American Scholarship

Jim and Pat Anderson - Jim and Pat Anderson Music Scholarship

Mark Anderson '85 - Reverend Mark A. Anderson Sociology Scholarship

Sharon (Zumdahl) '70 and Stanley Asp - Zumdahl-Asp Family Scholarship

Beth Bachman - Wayne A. and Beth A. Bachman Scholarship

Margaret Baird '87 - Margaret Baird Scholarship

Rosemary Barenz '78 - Rosemary Barenz Encouragement Scholarship

Howard '67 and Christine Barlow - Howard and Christine Barlow Scholarship

Barbara Bauman - Barbara De Barry Bauman Scholarship

Lori Beckman '83 - Lori Beckman Conway Endowed Scholarship

Roger and Carol Berg - Roger D. and Carol J. Berg Scholarship

Karen Brubakken '73 - Karen Brubakken Scholarship in Nursing

Keith '80 and Dawn (Deines) Christensen '82 - Deines-Christensen Family Scholarship

Edith Copley '74 - Edith A. Copley Music Scholarship

John and Carole Lea Cotton - John and Carole Lea Cotton Scholarship Fund Honoring Professor Douglas Eckheart

John Crawford '60 - John F. Crawford Scholarship

Mark '70 and Vicki (Mohlis) Donhowe '70 - Mark and Vicki Donhowe Family Scholarship

Mark '70 and Vicki (Mohlis) Donhowe '70 - Kent Finanger Scholarship

Richard '64 and Patricia (McCullough) Edwards '63 - Edwards Family Scholarship

Estate of Helena Gilkeson Emans - Gilkeson Emans Endowed Scholarship

Nathan Ersig '98 - Anne L. Ersig Scholarship in Nursing

Greg '77 and Vickie Fields - Greg '77 and Vickie Fields African American Student Scholarship

Ruth N. Fjelstad - Ruth N. Fjelstad Access and Opportunity Scholarship

Ruth N. Fjelstad - Ruth N. Fjelstad Scholarship

Estate of Gene Frank '69 - Louis and Pauline Frank Family Scholarship

Phyllis Frey - A. Kenneth and Ercyle White Frey Scholarship 


Stuart Geiger '82 - Stuart J. Geiger Endowed Scholarship

Mark '68 and Karen (Trygstad) Halvorson '69 - Mark and Karen Halvorson Scholarship

Dayton '79 and Amy Henderson - Dayton J. and Amy O. Henderson Endowed Scholarship

Dayton '79 and Amy Henderson - Dayton J. and Amy O. Henderson Study Abroad Scholarship

Norma Hervey - William and Norma Hervey Study Abroad Scholarship

Philip '98 and Lorelee Hood - Philip '98 and Lorelee Hood Scholarship 

Michael Hovland '72 and Nancy Jones '69 - Hovland-Jones Family Scholarship

Amy (Michaelson) '91 and Patrick Igou - Patrick and Amy (Michaelson) Igou '91 Scholarship

Karl Jacobsen '72 - Donna Story/Karl Jacobsen Nursing Scholarship

Tracy Johnson '92 - Iowa Diecast Toys Scholarship

Karen Julesberg '60 - Karen Julesberg Scholarship

Haldis (Solem) Kaasa '81 - Kai Thomas Kaasa Scholarship

Lawrence '54 and Mary (Buchholz) Kipfer '55 - Lawrence M. Kipfer Scholarship in Accounting

Lawrence '54 and Mary (Buchholz) Kipfer '55 - Mary L. Kipfer Scholarship in Music

Wayne Kivell '61 - Wayne Kivell '61 Music Scholarship

Helen (Legler) '59 and Hans Kneubuhler - Helen and Hans Kneubuhler Scholarship

William '70 and Carolyn (Peterson) Kobler '70 - William and Carolyn Kobler Family Scholarship

Roger '68 and Laurie Krahn - Krahn Family Student Life Service Award


Jan Bahr Larson - Donna Mae Haugen Bahr Music Scholarship

Frank '61 and Donna (Burt) Liston '63 - Frank and Donna Liston Family Scholarship

Evelyn (Rolfs) '51 and Jack Martin - Dorothy Rolfs Emmons Scholarship

Stephen '68 and Margeen (Bolson) Mau '69 - Stephen and Margeen Mau Endowed Scholarship

Dennis '64 and Nancee Melin - Dennis and Nancee Melin Music Scholarship

John '70 and Barbara Melin, Bennett Melin - Melin International Studies Scholarship

John '70 and Barbara Melin, Bennett Melin - Melin-Brownell International Studies Scholarship

Ken and Dorothy Moburg - Kenneth D. and Dorothy J. Moburg Scholarship

Tom '77 and Ann (Johnson) Monson '78 - Tom and Ann Monson Family Scholarship

Bill Moorcroft - William and Christina Moorcroft Scholarship

Richard Moore '66 - Richard S. Moore English Scholarship

Christi (Munson) Nowland '80 and Jonathan Nowland '83 - Munson/Nowland Scholarship

Deb (Leschensky) '77 and Mike Murrell - Deborah (Leschensky) '77 and Michael Murrell Scholarship

Dean '69 and Barbara Nelson - Dean and Barbara Nelson Study Abroad Scholarship

Jan Nelson '70 - Jan A. Nelson Scholarship

Mark and Denise Nelson - Mark and Denise Nelson Scholarship

Virginia Nelson - Walter E. Nelson '50 Scholarship

Rolfe '70 and Mary (Ziemer) Nervig '70 - Nervig-Ziemer Family Scholarship

Judith and Kenneth Nye - Bowstead Family Scholarship

Jackson Ode '93 and Cara Kennedy-Ode '94 - Jackson Ode and Cara Kennedy-Ode Scholarship

George '67 and Carole (Rust) Orness '69 - George and Carole Orness Study Abroad Scholarship

Duane '66 and Denay Oyen - Duane B. and Denay S. Oyen Endowed Scholarship in Economics

Carolyn K. Parmelee - Rodd Gardner Parmelee Scholarship

Allen '69 and Karen (Anderson) Peckham '69 - Richard Simon Hanson Scholarship

Allen '69 and Karen (Anderson) Peckham '69 - Deborah Norland Scholarship

Allen '69 and Karen (Anderson) Peckham '69 - Allen and Karen Peckham Family Scholarship

Anthony Pizer '03 and Jessica Aguilar '03 - Aguilar-Pizer Family Scholarship

Anthony Pizer '03 and Jessica Aguilar '03 - Aguilar-Pizer Family Study Abroad Scholarship

Carrie Quandahl - Quandahl-Osmundson Family Scholarship

Ann Rathe '87 - Ann Rathe Scholarship

Mary Lynn (Swenson) '79 and David Rettig - Rettig/Swenson Promise Scholarship

Richard '69 and Donna Rima - Richard H. and Donna L. Rima Scholarship

Wally '86 and Nancy Roach - Walter W. '86 and Nancy L. Roach Scholarship

Pamela (Pogrant) '92 and Gregory Roe '94 - Pamela and Gregory Roe Family Scholarship

Eileen Rossow - Warren C. Meyer Scholarship

Dale '62 and Catherine Ruosch - Catherine H. Ruosch Scholarship in Nursing

Dale '62 and Catherine Ruosch - Rev. Dale L. Ruosch Scholarship

Dale '62 and Catherine Ruosch - Rev. Dale and Catherine Ruosch Scholarship in Social Work 


Robert '70 and Mary Schneider - Robert and Mary Schneider Memorial Scholarship

Steven '72 and Susan Sorenson - Steven R. and Susan E. Sorenson Scholarship

Robert '72 and Karen (Crump) Spiegler '72 - Spiegler Family Scholarship

Wendy (Tessman) '69 and Jim Stevens - Jim and Wendy Stevens Award in Biology

Chad '92 and Melissa (Bonikowske) Thomley '93 - Chad M. and Melissa L. Thomley Scholarship

Ralph '70 and Carol Thompson - Ralph and Carol Thompson Scholarship

Gerald '65 and Susan (Kosche) Vallem '66 - Gerald A. and Susan Kosche Vallem Scholarship in Social Work

Solveig (Johnson) Walstrom '70 - Solveig Johnson Walstrom Scholarship

Estate of Tom '58 and Betty Wilkens - Thomas G. and Betty E. Wilkens Scholarship

William '68 and Molly Wilson - William A. and Molly J. Wilson Scholarship

John '57 and Carol Witt - John A. and Carol M. Witt Scholarship

Lilly (Hamre) '55 and Erlin Womeldorf - Womeldorf-Hamre Family Scholarship

Robert '67 and Jeanne (Engler) Zaske '67 - Jeanne D. (Engler) and Robert A. Zaske Scholarship