Promise Scholarships

Gift Amount

At Luther College, we believe every student who qualifies should have access to a Luther education—regardless of their ability to pay. Removing cost as a barrier allows Luther to compete with other top institutions in recruiting talented and deserving students for generations to come. 

We aspire to meet the unmet financial need of every student! 

More than 90 percent of first-year students applied for need-based financial aid in 2017–18. Students who receive financial aid from Luther also invest in their education through family contributions, loans, and student employment. The average unmet need at Luther is $5,893 per year. This gap often means students then take on additional loans to make up the difference between the cost of attendance and their financial aid packages. For many families, this option isn’t feasible or appealing. 

The sole purpose of the Promise Scholarship is to help close the gap in unmet financial need—allowing us to attract and recruit the most talented students. 

$25,000 minimum commitment—Promise Scholarship 

Provides a general scholarship of approximately $1,250 annually to students, specifically to cover unmet financial need. Designed to be awarded to an incoming student and renewed each year the student is in attendance at Luther College.