Recognition Trees and Benches

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Recognition Trees Listing

View a list of trees that have been given in memory or honor of loved ones, retired faculty, and friends.  You may also view our map.

Recognition Tree Planting Guidelines and Tree Guide

At Luther we are proud of our beautiful campus setting. We continually work to maintain our quality environment in order to preserve campus beauty.  A few simple guidelines have been established for recognition plantings.  Download our planting and tree guidelines to learn more.

Give a Tree — a Living Legacy

The planting of trees on Luther's campus is a fitting way to commemorate loved ones, or honor someone, with a living legacy that will beautify the campus for future generations of students.

Download and complete a tree pledge form today.

Give a Bench

Donating a bench is another way to remember a loved one, or honor someone at Luther. Recognition benches are meant to provide outdoor places for students, faculty, and visitors to relax, meditate, and have conversations. One thing to keep in mind however, if you are considering the donation of a bench, is the bench's life expectancy. Luther's campus is home to many squirrels, and they are wreaking havoc on our benches made from polywood. We had hoped that polywood benches would be a solution to the problem with our wooden benches, which are not resistant to rain, but a new problem has recently emerged with the polywood material and our squirrels' fondness for it. Please keep this in mind when considering a tribute bench and completing a bench pledge form. The college will continue to examine the problem and decide on a course of action. Thank you for understanding.

Download and complete a bench pledge form today.

Recognition Benches Listing

View a list of benches given in memory or honor of loved ones, retired faculty, and friends.

Recognition Benches Guidelines

Learn more about Luther's policy for establishing recognition benches by downloading the guidelines.

The oaks and the Luther Bell