Technology/Equipment Funds

Gift Amount

Dr. T. Howard Clarke and Dr. Hartzell Schaff Endowment Fund

Established by Ollie Ulvilden, class of 1949, in honor of Dr. T. Howard Clarke and Dr. Hartzell Schaff and the significant impact each has had on their profession and for many patients including the donor, for use by the biology, chemistry, and physics departments to maintain and update laboratory equipment utilized in specific classes required for pre-medicine course work.

Luther College Piano Maintenance Endowment

Established by the college to provide supplemental budgetary support for the care and maintenance of the Luther College Music Department piano inventory.

Luther College Science Equipment Endowment Fund

Established through generous support of alumni and friends of the college, together with a major grant from the Kresge Foundation, this fund supports maintenance and updates to the science equipment purchased on behalf of the Kresge Foundation for the biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and mathematics departments, allowing for top-quality science equipment for students to use in their course work and research projects.

Brad and Jane Miller Technology Challenge Endowment

Established through a challenge gift from Bradley ’86 and Jane (Dalen) Miller ’86, this fund supports the upgrade and refurbishment of academic and administrative computing systems on a regular basis.

Brad and Jane Miller Technology Endowment

Established by Bradley ’86 and Jane (Dalen) Miller ’86 with realization that the Data Signaling Plant in the college's technology infrastructure will continue to require incremental upgrades and improvements, this fund supports this initiative.

NEH Technology Equipment Fund

Established though a NEH Challenge Grant, this fund supports technology upgrades for Humanities classrooms with a special focus on the Paideia I and Capstone programs.