Faculty/Staff Development Funds

Gift Amount

H. George and Jutta F. Anderson Faculty Development Fund

Established by H. George and Jutta Anderson to provide support for summer faculty development projects for Luther College faculty members in the early years of their careers. The endowment is established to facilitate scholarship, research, and creative and artistic work in a wide range of disciplines, in recognition that such work contributes to the vitality necessary for strong undergraduate liberal arts education.

H. George and Jutta F. Anderson Sabbatical Endowment Fund

Established by H. George and Jutta Anderson in recognition of the central importance of teaching and scholarship at Luther College, and to encourage creative, scholarly work which significantly deepens the faculty members' understanding of a discipline in which he or she teaches regularly, this endowed fund is awarded to a single eligible faculty member, selected each year by the Dean of the college on the basis of the applications submitted and the review conducted by the Faculty Affairs Committee.

John and Jean Bruemmer Staff Development Fund

Established by Russell J. Bruemmer ’74, in honor of the years of service by John and Jean Bruemmer to the college, and in recognition of their family's history with Luther College, to be used at the discretion of the President's Cabinet to support their administrative and support staff. It may be used for off-campus conferences and seminars; certification or other coursework applicable to work on campus; on-campus speakers, seminars, or group professional development opportunities; or other similar uses as determined by the Cabinet.

C. Carlyle and Mary R. Haaland Endowed Fund for Leadership Development

Established by C. Carlyle ’55 and Mary R. (Kittelsland) Haaland ’56, this fund is dedicated to providing professional development opportunities primarily to members of the administrative staff and secondarily for faculty of Luther College. This fund will enable the selected recipients to attend conferences, workshops or institutes, or to engage in other intensive activities that provide opportunities for them to focus upon the 'cutting edge' of their respective fields, thus enhancing the personal professional growth and institutional leadership in a rapidly changing world.

Jakoubek Endowment for Support of New Faculty Teaching

Established by Jane Jakoubek, this fund supports faculty development opportunities that assist Luther College faculty in the early years of their careers to become effective teachers and members of the faculty.

Moeller Faculty Development Fund

Established by David Lietz ’88, regent emeritus, and Suzette Derrevere, in honor of Professor Emeritus John Moeller, in recognition for all of his contributions not only to the department of political science, but also to Luther College. This fund supports scholarship by faculty in the department of political science.

Corinne L. Nelson Endowment for Development 

Established by Harland S. Nelson, professor emeritus of English, along with his children and their families, in loving memory of Corinne L. Nelson, for her many years of service to the college and its fundraising operation. This fund shall be used to support and enhance staff development opportunities in the Development Office and shall be used at the discretion of the Vice President for Development. This endowment is not intended to be used to replace annual development resources or budget.

Curtis Reiso Endowment Fund

Established by Curtis Reiso, alumnus class of 1954 and coordinator of music activities emeritus, in recognition of the importance of career development opportunities for professional staff. This fund supports professional development funds for staff of the college, including but not limited to: expenditures to cover the cost of professional development seminars, workshops, or conferences; and, expenditures to support the cost for professional speakers/trainers on campus for workshops, traning, or career enhancement seminars.

Milton and Dorothy Roelfs Professional Development Endowment

Established by Milton Roelfs, this fund supports the continuing professional development for faculty and staff who work in the Sampson-Hoffland Laboratories.