Applied Learning Funds

Gift Amount

Career Connections Fund

Internships and networking with Luther College alumni and friends are key to the Career Center's primary goals: to build enduring relationships with on- and off-campus constituents; to inspire curiosity about careers and help students explore how careers work, including next steps; and, to help students consider calling and vocation in exploring their careers. This endowment supports applied learning opportunities in the Career Center. It is envisioned this fund will be used at the discretion of the Director of the Career Center to support initiatives, such as: the Internship and Applied Learning Funding Program, the Faculty-Student-Alumni Mini Grant Program, and other applied learning opportunities.

Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Sustainability Internships

To advance the work of the Center for Sustainable Communities at Luther College, this endowed fund was established through a grant funded by the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation to support sustainability internships for Luther students. The fund will function and support student interns in all four program areas of the center: community energy systems, wellness and sustainable foods initiative, environmental education outreach, and land stewardship. The fund supports qualified students to support either a summer or semester-based sustainability internship experience, and is open to any area/major of the college.

Lloyd and Mary Gravengaard Applied Learning Endowment

Established by Lloyd Gravengaard '65, this fund shall be awarded to fund internship and applied learning opportunities for qualified students majoring in accounting, economics, or business. Preference shall be given to students pursuing opportunities located more than 200 miles from either Decorah, Iowa or their home communities. 

Dayton J. and Amy O. Henderson Applied Learning Endowment

Established by Dayton J. '79 and Amy O. Henderson to be used to fund internship and applied learning opportunities for qualified students with demonstrated need for financial assistance. (Deferred) 

Margaret and Asmund Highum Internship Endowment

Established by Ann Highum and Jerry Freund in honor of Margaret and Asmund Highum, this fund provides internship support to qualified students with demonstrated need for financial assistance, to support either a summer or semester based internship experience. Awards may be in the form of a stipend for summer internships and/or can be utilized for travel or housing to support a semester program.

Internship in the Visual Arts Endowment

Established by Becky Franklin '05, supports students pursuing an internship in the visual arts, which may include but is not limited to studios, museums, galleries, art libraries, non-profit art resource organizations, art journals, restoration shops or art retail stores. Students should be enrolled in Art 380 - Internships, or a corresponding internship course.

Timothy Jones and Annie Cardelus Internship Endowment

Established by Timothy Jones and Annie Cardelus, this fund supports qualified students on a summer or a semester based internship experience. The award is open to any student of any major.

Ruth Kath Vocation Scholarship

Established in honor of the retirement of Ruth Kath, professor emerita of German, for her dedication to her students and her many years of service to Luther College. The scholarship shall be awarded to qualified students for experiences to explore their vocation. These experiences may include, but are not limited to: internships, summer courses, and experiential learning opportunities. Preference will be given to students seeking vocational experiences abroad in a German speaking country. 

Duane B. and Denay S. Oyen Applied Learning Endowment

Established by Duane ’66 and Denay Oyen, this fund supports internship and applied learning opportunities for qualified students majoring in economics and business. (Deferred Fund)

Curtis Reiso Endowment for Alumni Relations and Career Services

Established by Curtis Reiso, alumnus class of 1954 and coordinator of music activities emeritus, in appreciation for the importance of engagement with alumni to support the career development and opportunities for current students, this fund supports the work of the Alumni Relations and Career Center programs. The spending shall be used for, but not limited to, the financial support of visiting alumni speakers in the classroom, trip expenses for students to network with alumni, and/or applied learning experience support for students with financial need. (Deferred Fund)

James Rhodes Internship Endowment

Established by gifts from friends and alumni to honor the forty-three year career of Jim Rhodes and his dedication to teaching students here on campus as well as his encouragement to study away or gain internship experience before graduation. This fund is intended to support those students studying in the Washington, D.C. based semester or programs, with preference given to those students with need for financial assistance. Further preference may be given to those students majoring in political science, but the award is open to students of all majors. Should the Washington, D.C. semester or program cease to exist, or if there are no qualified students, awards may be given to support off-campus internship experiences.

Rudolf-Whitters Global Opportunity Fund

Established by Joseph Whitters '80, in honor of Uwe Rudolf, professor emeritus of accounting and management, this fund supports global internship and applied learning opportunities for qualified students, of junior standing or higher, with demonstrated need for financial assistance. The award(s) are open to students of any major. While it is the preference of the donor for this fund to support global internship opportunities, it may also be used for global research or other experiential learning opportunities, when appropriate. Whereas the intent of this endowment is to support students in experiencing another country or culture, only internships or research projects conducted aborad will be eligible for funding

Ruth Steinmetz Intern Fellowships

Established through the estate of Ruth Steinmetz, in appreciation of Ruth's long term friendship with Luther connections: Maynard and Minerva Aaker, Frank and Marge Barth, and development staff members of the college. This fund supports internship and experiential learning opportunities for qualified students based upon financial need. Preference is given to students pursuing church-based and business internship opportunities.

Sathe Scholars Applied Learning Endowment
Robert and Dell Ann Sathe Scholars Endowments

Established by Robert ’68 and Dell Ann (Kappus) Sathe ’68, this fund is awarded to fund internship and applied learning opportunities for qualified underprivileged students (first-generation, low-income, etc.) with demonstrated need for financial assistance.

Vocation Greening Internship Endowment

Established in part through a grant from the Kinney-Lindstrom Foundation, the idea for the internships grew out of the well-attended Greening of Churches workshops held at Luther in 2007 and 2010 under the Lilly Endowment-funded Sense of Vocation program. This fund supports qualified students with sustainability background and interest in working under Luther College supervision to encourage and support churches in "greening" their congregations and churches through sustainable practices, assessments, and/or projects.

Vocational Ministry Applied Learning Endowment 

Established through the generosity of friends and alumni, this endowment supports students seeking faith related internship and applied learning opportunities, with preference given to students in the pre-ministry program