Academic Program Funds

Gift Amount

Michael and Carryn Anderson Endowment for Nursing Simulation

Established by Michael ’99 and Carryn (Ensrude) Anderson ’99 to be used to supplement budgetary funding for the nursing simulation lab.

Nabby Baffour-Awuah Memorial Endowment

Established by family and friends in memory of Nana Kwasi "Nabby" Baffour-Awuah, Luther College class of 2011, this fund shall be used to provide financial support to international students who wish to travel home for the holidays, family emergencies, and/or other extenuating circumstances, but do not have the financial resources.

Charles Christopher Banta '13 PRIDE Endowment

Established by Charles Banta ’13 to be used to support the program and activities, with focus towards outreach and resources, available to the PRIDE organization.

Alan and Sally Brudos Voice/Opera Master Class Endowment Fund

Established by Alan R. ’55 and Sally J. Brudos to support the annual presentation of a master class to focus on opera performance and the study of voice, and the related expenses of the event.

Connect for Success Endowment Fund

Established by the Luther College Board of Regents, this fund supports the aims and objectives of the Connect for Success Program as directed by the Luther Center for Intercultural Engagement and Student Success and the Luther College Diversity Council.

Nathan W. and Anne L. Ersig Endowment for Jazz Studies

Established by Nathan ’98 and Anne Ersig to provide additional budget support for the jazz studies program, primarily to support guest clinicians and jazz workshops for students, but may also be used to support expenses related to the program at the discretion of the faculty head of jazz studies. (Deferred Fund)

Malcolm and Maybelle Estrem Endowed Program for Entrepreneurial Studies

Established by Malcolm J. Estrem, class of 1930, to support and strengthen the business studies program in entrepreneurship. The fund supports stipends to attract outside speakers, the annual Entrepreneurial Showcase Program, and direct costs related to classes in entrepreneurship. 

Sherman A. Hoslett Memorial Endowment Fund

Established by the Hoslett family in 1972 to honor Sherman A. Hoslett, class of 1930, for the purpose of strengthening the environmental biology program of the department of biology. This fund is used to support: the annual Hoslett Memorial Lecture at Homecoming; maintenance, support and development of the Sherman A. Hoslett Museum of Natural History; acquisition, development, and maintenance of biology field study areas; and, other special projects in environmental biology. Dr. Hoslett taught biology and influenced students at Luther College for 30 years and was the prime mover in the fulfillment of his dream of securing adequate science facilities at Luther. That dream was realized with the completion of Valders Hall of Science in 1961. 

Dennis Miears Jones Endowed Fund for English

Established by family, friends and alumni, in memory of Dennis Jones to the loving attention he gave to his students, and in recognition of Professor Jones' years of dedicated service to Luther College, this fund supports student awards, special library purchases, African-American literature or other English department purposes as determined by the faculty of the Luther College English department. 

Lyle ’63 and Bonnie Kruegel Economics and Business Special Opportunities Endowment

Established by Lyle ’63 and Bonnie Kruegel, this fund provides supplementary support for the Economics and Business department for special opportunities to enhance student learning and/or teaching experience. 

William B. Kuhlman Endowment for Organ Performance

Established by Sarah and Christopher Johanns in honor of William B. Kuhlman, professor emeritus of music, this fund supports a guest artist organ recital or master class(es) in organ performance. 

Yvonne M. Kuhlman Endowment for Campus Programming

Established by Sarah and Christopher Johanns in celebration of the many cultural opportunities provided by Campus Programming through the years under the leadership of Yvonne Kuhlman, this fund supports a qualified junior or senior student (or students) to attend a conference for promotion of or related to campus programming. 

Robert Larson Theatre/Dance Endowment

Established by alumni, faculty, and friends in honor of Robert Larson, who served the college with distinction, dedication, and creativity from 1966-2014 in theatre and dance, this fund supports visiting guest artists for the theatre/dance program.

Endowed fund for the Luther College Archaeological and Ethnographic Collections

Established to provide a material culture resource for the Luther College community, for educational outreach services for the community at large, and for use by outside professionals and students engaged in scholarly research. The Archaeological Collection consists primarily of artifacts from Iowa sites, but also includes archaeological material from other states and countries. The Ethnographic Collection includes artifacts of material culture collected from living peoples around the world. Substantial portions of both collections have direct relevance to the history of the College. 

Luther College Brass Symposium

Established by Scott ’89 and Laura (Anderson) Stevens ’92 in appreciation of Fred Nyline and Ron Fox, for the profound influence they had on the students who studied and played a brass instrument while at Luther, this fund supports a hosted brass symposium. This will bring a well-known brass player(s) to campus for a variety of educational activities, which can include but are not limited to, master classes, individual sessions with students, and/or a concert performance. 

Endowed Fund for the Luther College Geology Collection

Established to support and maintain the Luther College Geology Collection.

Luther College Endowment for Music Education

Established through the generosity of past parents who wish to remain anonymous, in honor of their daughter, this fund serves to provide supplemental budget support to the music education program at Luther College, and should be used at the discretion of the coordinator of the music education program, in consultation with the chair of the education department. It is envisioned that this fund will support the purchase of supplies, equipment, and other materials for the program, but may also be used to support expenses related to: bringing guest speakers and consultants into the classroom; professional development of staff/faculty associated with the program; activities designed to promote class unity; and other needs as determined by the program director and department chair that relate directly to music education.

Luther College Endowment for Opera and Vocal Performance

Established through generous support of alumni and friends of the college, this fund supports the needs of the opera program within the department of music.

Endowed Fund for the Luther College Natural History Collections

Established to support the Luther College Natural History Collections and the Hoslett Museum of Natural History. The Luther College Natural History Collections include the department of Biology's teaching collections of plant and animal specimens and the collections of the Sherman A. Hoslett Museum of Natural History.

Kathryn Ulvilden Moen Fund for Organ and Church Music

Established by Kathryn Ulvilden Moen '41 in celebration of the three generations of family members who have attended Luther College, this fund, supported by the Kathryn Ulvilden Moen Fund at the InFaith Community Foundation, creates the Kathryn Ulvilden Moen Organ Recital and is used to support a guest artist organ recital. The artist shall be determined by the Lecture and Fine Arts Committee in consultation with the college organist.

Mary Hull Mohr Phi Beta Kappa Endowment

“Love of Learning is the Guide of Life.” Since 1776, Phi Beta Kappa has championed education in the arts and sciences, fostered freedom of thought, and recognized academic excellence. Luther College’s Phi Beta Kappa Chapter, Eta of Iowa, was installed on April 13, 1983, the result of a lengthy process of application undertaken by faculty members under the direction of Professor Mary Hull Mohr. The installation, presided over by Catherine S. Sims, President of the United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa, marked the initiation of 37 Luther seniors, the first chapter members. President H. George Anderson, new that spring, compared the event to the founding of the College and to the dedication of Old Main in its importance, as a recognition of Luther’s excellence and role in providing and stimulating liberal arts education.

While many people contributed to Luther’s application, it was Prof. Mohr’s outstanding leadership and determination that made the Chapter a reality. Her far reaching responsibilities on campus since she began her career at Luther in 1963 included significant committee responsibilities, leadership roles, and inspired teaching, notably in Medieval and Renaissance literature.  She also participated in planning and teaching several successive common first-year courses. For many years she served on accreditation teams for North Central Association, evaluating colleges on the strength and breadth of their academic programs.  Her experience, coupled with her love for Luther and its students, prepared her to oversee the process for the Phi Beta Kappa application, and to serve as its first president. She has remained a faithful chapter member, serving on committees to establish election criteria, to elect members-in-course, and to apply for Phi Beta Kappa Distinguished Lecturers. Luther owes its chapter to her persistent and dedicated work.

The Phi Beta Kappa Endowment, originally established in 1988, was renamed in January 2021 to the Mary Hull Mohr Phi Beta Kappa Endowment through a generous gift from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. The endowment honors Dr. Mary Lou Hull Mohr, professor emerita of English, for her work establishing Luther's chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, and shall be used to support the annual operating budget for the Eta of Iowa Chapter, including, but not limited to, the Ruth A. Davis Memorial Lecture.

Emil C. Miller Endowed Fund for Physics

Established by an anonymous friend and grateful student, who wishes to honor Emil C. Miller and his contribution to physics education, this fund provides either one or more student awards or for other physics department purposes as determined by the faculty of the Luther College physics department. 

Norwegian Travel Fund

Established through a grant from the Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a token of appreciation and in celebration of the 125th anniversary of Luther College, this fund supports faculty members or students to attend the International Summer School of the University of Oslo or to undertake other visits to Norway for research and study purposes. 

Curtis Reiso International Music Touring and Jenson-Noble Hall of Music Endowment

Established by Curtis Reiso, alumnus class of 1954 and coordinator of music activities emeritus, in recognition of the history, tradition, and excellence of the Luther College music program, in appreciation of the unique experience gained by students who participate in international music ensemble tours, and with the realization that costs associated with music ensemble touring and music department operations continue to increase. Reiso served Luther College from 1954-1994, much of that time as a development officer, raising funds for major campus building projects. He also served as Luther's music tour coordinator, leading 86 concert tours. 60% of this fund supports the costs related to the international touring of the Luther College Concert Band, Nordic Choir, and Symphony Orchestra, while 40% of this fund supports the ongoing departmental operations, facility maintenance, and equipment needs for the Jenson-Noble Hall of Music, the location of the Curtis Reiso Atrium.

Phillip and Ruth Reitan Endowment for Teaching and Learning in the Biological Sciences

Established through the generosity of a patron who wishes to remain anonymous, in recognition of the need for special staff support in the learning laboratories in the biological sciences, and with the realization that quality teaching and learning in laboratory-based disciplines cannot occur without technical support, and to honor Phillip and Ruth Reitan for a lifetime of service to students and the Luther College community, this fund is used to enrich and strengthen the position responsible for supporting laboratories and projects in the department of biology.

Thomas R. and Bertha B. Beal Roberts Family Fund for Luther College Intercollegiate Debate and Forensics

Established by Mary Margaret Roberts '44 in recognition of the academic value in a democracy of intercollegiate debate on questions of public policy, and in recognition of the importance that such debate and forensics participation and teaching have been to the members of the Thomas R. and Bertha B. Beal Roberts family. This fund shall be used to support the Luther College Intercollegiate Debate and Forensics program. The award should be used to finance such expenses as tournament registration fees, transportation, lodging, food, etc. 

Rugland Family Fund

Established in honor of those members of the Rugland family who have been part of Luther's past, present, and future and continue to create Luther history and to assist in shaping the college's future. This endowment is founded out of the belief that our country's economic future is dependent on a strong entrepreneurial business community and that Luther College as a strong Christian liberal arts college can and should play a part in furthering this entrepreneurial spirit in its students and its community. This fund is used to support a yearly entrepreneurial seminar for the benefit of students, faculty, and the area business community.

Spanish Endowment Fund

Established by Patricia Gunderson '70, this fund shall support the program and budget for the Spanish section within the department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics.

James M. Stellmacher Endowed Fund for Music Education

Established by Jon and Rebecca Stellmacher, in honor of their son, James Stellmacher, alumnus class of 2004, this fund supports the needs of the music education program at Luther College. 

Paul F. Stellmacher Endowed Fund for Chemistry

Established by Jon and Rebecca Stellmacher, in honor of their son, Paul Stellmacher, alumnus class of 2007, this fund supports the needs of the chemistry department at Luther College. 

Wendy Stevens Human Anatomy Lab Endowment

In 1997 Human Dissection and Anatomy become part of the biology curriculum at Luther College to give students the opportunity to dissect the human body and study human anatomy. A generous gift from the Overholt family provided start-up funds to renovate laboratory space and purchase equipment. Within five years it was apparent that costs associated with the laboratory were increasing substantially and additional funding was needed. Established by students, alumni and friends, this fund supports the Human Dissection and Anatomy course, including: purchase of supplies and equipment, the costs incurred in obtaining cadavers, and the costs to bring guest speakers to class. 

Gulbrand and Maria Westby Memorial Fund

Established by the descendants of Gulbrand and Maria Westby in honoring the Westby family while also giving support to the traditional, classical, curriculum at Luther and paying honor to Dr. Qualley for his years of dedicated service to the cause of Christian education. This fund provides support to the classics department through additional funding of the Orlando W. Qualley Chair of Classical Languages.