Luther students who have specialized in foreign language study have moved into many careers. When language is developed as a primary skill, the students are usually preparing for careers in government work, international business, or teaching. Language skills combined with other areas of concentration can complement virtually any career preparation.

Recent language graduates have pursued law, library science, social work, bilingual education, counseling, and the ministry. Others are engaged in business-related careers in banking, management, accounting, and tourism. Some graduates are working with government agencies (customs, intelligence work, diplomatic service) or are continuing their study and research in graduate school.

Here's how a few Luther German graduates are employed:

  • Administrative assistant
  • Business administrator
  • English professor
  • ESL Teacher
  • Foreign service officer
  • German professor
  • German teacher
  • Government employee
  • Learning disabilities teacher
  • Legal secretary
  • Librarian
  • Musician
  • Pre-school teacher
  • Sales coordinator
  • School principal
  • Tour director