Why Study German at Luther?

Do you need a reason to study German at Luther? We have four!

1) Great Flexibility

  • Luther has a lot to offer and we want you to enjoy the opportunities. Therefore, the German program has a flexible and very consistent curriculum: On day one of your career as a student of German you will see which courses will be offered for the next three or four years and you can easily coordinate with any other major or minor you pursue.
  • We have courses for every level of German: from the true beginner, to advanced learner, and to the heritage speaker.
  • For a major in German, you even do not have to start your course work in your first year! With good planning, you can fulfill all requirements within five to six semesters.
  • The German curriculum offers additional flexibility: Starting with 210, most courses do not have to be taken in a specific sequence. Also, in spring semesters, you can either take a course taught in German, in English, or both!
  • Finally, as we are a small program, we can work with each individual student on a study plan that accommodates your interests.

We will make it possible!

2) Financial Support

Thank to generous donations, the German program at Luther College has two scholarship funds to help students study abroad. This means that most students who participate in the Münster Semester will be eligible to receive a scholarship that will at least cover their flight to Germany. (Some restrictions apply if students want to organize their own flight and if they are at Luther as part of a tuition-exchange agreement).

Also, as the Münster Semester program is a Luther program, almost all of your other Luther scholarships will go with you to Germany. These scholarships are not only available for students participating in the Münster Semester program. In the past, we also have supported students who studied abroad with other semester-long programs or took language-school courses in Germany.

You can afford it!

3) Innovative Pedagogy

The German Program at Luther has a strong track record of innovative and effective pedagogy. From student-led research projects, the production of student-created plays, and the use of board games, to various opportunities during our study abroad program in Münster, Germany, we have challenged and changed the traditional understanding of classroom language learning again and again.

We are also aware that many of our students are interested in German because of their love for music and vocal performance. Therefore, we pay special attention to pronunciation.

As language pedagogy moves away from a traditional focus on literature only (especially in higher level courses), you will encounter such topics as:

  • School and Education
  • Love and Relationship
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Music
  • Graphic Novels
  • Bavaria
  • Immigration

We also offer a course where students write, direct, and act in a movie!

The German Program at Luther College is the Sigma Kappa chapter of the National German Honor Society, Delta Phi Alpha, one of only five chapters in Iowa.

Lernen, wo es Spaß macht!

4) Outstanding Opportunities

The Münster Program, one of only a few semester-long study abroad programs run by Luther College, not only helps you to improve your German with language courses, but also offers courses (taught in English) that fulfill other general education requirements to ensure that students who go abroad will graduate on time.

The Münster Program is different from non-Luther programs as all credits are Luther credits; there are no issues with transferring credits you receive in Münster. Since a Luther faculty member leads the program in Münster, there is always someone who knows you and can help you.

The German program also offers students opportunities to work as language tutors in the Language Learning Center, help the German faculty as research assistants, or as activities coordinators for our Stammtisch, German movie presentations, or board game night.

All this leads to a deep connection to the language and culture of the German-speaking world – a connection that does not end with graduation. Several of our alumni now live and work in Germany or Austria, pursuing opportunities made possible through majoring in German.

Be a part of this community of learners!

Join us!

Looking for even more reasons why you should study German? Check out our Careers page for more info.