Changes in the German program

To better serve our students, the German program has implemented the following changes to the curriculum:

  1. The German major now includes German 101 and 102. Also, up to two approved courses taught in English may count towards the major.
  2. German 201 and 202 have been replaced by German 210, which is offered every semester with a different topic. German 210 may be taken twice. Possible topics are: Comics, Music & Art, Fairy Tales, Freizeit and Food.
  3. Every Spring, the German program now offers a course taught in English (German 250) that counts towards the German major (and, depending on topic, might fulfill certain General Education Requirements or be cross-listed with other departments). This course is open to all students. Possible topics are: German Environmentalism, Refugees and Immigrants in Germany, German Women, Hitler.

This is the proposed sequence of courses for German:

Sequence of Courses in German


For details on these courses, please see the Course Catalog