Talking Trash (29. March)

My goal with this blog is to provide regular updates and information about the Münster Semester 2012. It is intended for parents, fellow students, friends, etc. It is written mostly by Elizabeth Steding, Assistant Professor of German and Münster 2012 program leader. This is my first time leading the Münster program, and I am very excited to be spending this time in Germany with students.

Yesterday we participated in the city-wide program “sauberes Münster” (clean Münster). Groups were asked to register with the city to pick up trash in a place of their choosing. We chose to work around the Paul Gerhardt Haus, where we have our classes. The city supplied gloves, trash bags and “grabbers” (whatever they really are called). The weather was warm and sunny, which made picking up trash a lot more pleasurable!

As we were picking up trash, several people stopped to ask where our group was from and what we were doing. They were quite impressed that college students from the US were helping clean up the city.

After a few hours of cleaning up the grounds around the Paul Gerhardt Haus, we called it a day. We were proud to be 13 of the 10,000 participants in this year’s “sauberes Münster” program.