Study Abroad

The German Program at Luther College is happy to provide our students with various opportunities to study in German-speaking countries. All German majors and minors are required to study in a country where German is the official language as part of their language immersion requirement. However, the study abroad programs are not restricted to majors and minors! Any student who wants to improve his or her German should consider studying abroad.

Münster Semester

For almost two decades, Luther has taken groups of students every other year to Münster, Germany. The groups vary from 9 to 12 students, who stay with German families during the spring semester.

The Münster Semester program is not limited to majors or minors in German. Any Luther student with just one course of German at Luther is eligible to apply. Majors and minors, however, fulfill the requirement of a language immersion experience with the program.

Students not only take language courses, but also fulfill Luther College general education requirements. This includes a course that deals with intellectual, historical, and ethical issues as part of the Paideia course sequence. This course, titled "Paideia 450: Jews and Germany", explores the ethical dimensions of remembrance by looking at the history of Jews in Germany. As part of the course, students visited important museums and historical sites and met with German Jews and experts on this topic.

Besides studying, students are encouraged to travel in Germany, to make friends, and to practice their German.

Read more about the Münster Semester program here.

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