Bis Später Münster

Well yesterday we took our last final of the semester. I cannot believe our time in Münster is over. It is extremely bitter sweet. We have made a lot of good memories but most of us are ready to see our families and friends again. A few students are in the United States or heading back today, while others have a few more days to enjoy Münster. Some students are also taking the opportunity to further their travels in Europe.

            We arrived in Münster a little over 15 weeks ago, nervous and not knowing anything about the city. We had to adjust to a completely new living environment.  This includes: living with host families, using public transportation, riding bikes everywhere, the language barrier, and finding our way around the city. But here we are. We all survived and are leaving the city with knowledge that you would not normally get on just a vacation to Germany. We are leaving Münster with a better understanding of German culture, improved language skills, and a lasting memory.

            I greatly enjoyed my time in Münster. As with any semester there were a lot of ups and downs, but it will be the happy moments that I remember. I, as well as many others, was able to travel quite a bit. I made it to six different countries and countless cities. Having three trips in Germany to Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich was a great addition to our time here. This really helped us understand some of Germany’s history as well as the differences in the regions of Germany. Let me tell you, the Bavarians speak a different type of German, and it is a little challenging to understand.

            I do hope many others get the opportunity to study abroad. It is an experience that not even words can describe. However, there are many factors to think about if wanting to study abroad. Things that could impact your experience include: living or not living with a host family, the destination, the language, and staying for a semester versus a year. For those really wanting to become fluent in the language I suggest staying for a full year. After four months, I was just starting to get used to speaking the language, but now I have to leave. If I had another 4 months abroad, my language skills would be increased significantly.

            I just want to thank all those that made this Münster trip possible. I know all nine of us are thankful for the experience. I wish everyone safe travels home and a wonderful summer. Just a little shout out to Hillary who made it back to the US and will be graduating on Sunday. Congratulations!!!  Thank you to all who took the time to read these blogs and follow the Münster 2018 group. We appreciate all the support!

Bis Später Münster

The group in a hall in the Munich Residenz!
The group all bundled up in Hamburg on our way to the Elbphilharmonie.
Just Luther students hanging out and learning about Martin Luther in Wittenberg.