Season of Farewells (23. May)

My goal with this blog is to provide regular updates and information about the Münster Semester 2012. It is intended for parents, fellow students, friends, etc. It is written mostly by Elizabeth Steding, Assistant Professor of German and Münster 2012 program leader. This is my first time leading the Münster program, and I am very excited to be spending this time in Germany with students.

It hardly seems possible that this is the last week of classes! We have already said good-bye to our graduating senior Kim, and a few other students will be flying home within the week for summer classes and jobs.

The end of a semester abroad is always a time of mixed emotions. Part of you is incredibly excited to go home – to see family, friends and familiar places. But another part of you realizes that Germany has also become home in a way. Your perspective on both “homes” is different now than it was four months ago. That is both a challenge and a gift.

Looking back at pictures and memories from our first weeks here, it is clear how much students have grown over the semester. The pictures taken the first day in Münster reveal a group of nervous, excited, jetl-agged individuals. When I interact with students now, I hear their improved German and sense their increased confidence. It is also great to see how they have come together as a group. Obviously there have been some hard times, but the result is fun to see.

This will probably be one of the last entries in the Münster 2012 blog. After classes end on Thursday, most students will have a few days to relax or travel before they fly home to embark on their next adventures. I wish them all “Gute Reise” (bon voyage).

For those of you who have been reading this blog, thanks for your support. This semester has been a life-changing experience for everyone involved.

Soli Deo Gloria

Elizabeth Steding

Farewell party with students and host families.