Mike Garcia

Mike Garcia is the Writing Director at Luther College. He supervises tutors in the Norse Writing Center, leads Paideia staff workshops on the teaching of writing, and consults with faculty across campus as they develop writing assignments. He has several years of experience administering first-year composition and Writing Across the Curriculum programs at state universities, but Luther presents a very different (and exciting) opportunity.

Mike's scholarly interests are rooted in teaching. He's primarily an expert in the grading and assessment of writing. His dissertation focused on student self-assessment, and he continues to explore that topic through classroom-based research. He's interested in how students negotiate their personal identities and goals within (and sometimes despite) the expectations placed on them by their educational environments. He's also done work in Literacy Studies, Writing in Digital Environments, Contemporary Rhetoric, Linguistics, Professional and Technical Writing, Writing for Nonprofit Agencies, Second Language Writing, and Writing Program Administration. Luther College is interested in exploring many of these areas in more depth, so you're likely to see Mike involved in several projects across campus in the not-too-distant future.

When the weather gets warm, you'll see Mike walking on the Decorah trails with his wife Marie, their daughter Lucy, and their Golden Retrievers Ripley and Toby.