Points of Connection

Dahl Centennial Union Gallery
February 26, 2019 - April 28, 2019


What makes an art collection a teaching collection? Why have a college art collection?

We wanted this show to start a conversation about these questions by first asking Luther community members what works of art from the Fine Art Collection they have a personal or professional connection to.

Maybe it is a work of art that they remember from their time as a student at Luther. Maybe it is a work that intersects with important questions they ask their own students to wrestle with. Maybe it is just a work of art that they pass by every day on their morning coffee commute.

We hope that this first Points of Connection show will help the Luther community think of the Fine Art Collection as a collection that belongs to all of us and as a resource to deepen student learning outside of the classroom.

Each faculty and staff member submitted a description of why they chose their work and what they hope the Luther community might gain from engaging with their selection. Those descriptions can be found alongside each work of art.

Interested in submitting your own Point of Connection? Email Dr. Kate Elliott with your choices for a future show. We hope that this will be a regular feature in the Union Gallery. We hope to hear from you!