"Those Who Can Do Teach"

Mixed-media works by recent Luther alumni art educators
Preus Library
April 12 - May 27, 2018

Those Who Can Do Teach

Art created by seven Luther alumni artists who currently teach or have taught in elementary, middle and high school programs will be featured in this show. All of the artists are recent graduates who, as young professionals, are facing the challenge of maintaining an active studio practice while also teaching art. The range and quality of their work refutes the old tired adage: "Those who can't do, teach." Art education alumni participating in the show include Lars Johnson ('16), Micayla Irmiter ('14), Jenna Darsee ('15), Jenny Bonnell ('15), Katie Mathis ('15), Robin Schone Hengesteg ('16), and Maxwell Green ('17). Profiles of the artists can be found in the Winter 2018 Luther Magazine, or online at the following link. Several of the artists also maintain their own websites that can easily be found through an internet search.

2017-2018 Those Who Can Do Teach