by Tiberiu Chelcea
October 20 – December 11, 2016
Preus Library

"Trigonopoetry" is an exhibit by artist Tiberiu Chelcea that brings old and new together through pages from vintage trigonometry textbooks. Each work from the series starts with pages from two specific trigonometry textbooks from 1920s. Chelcea then selects words and phrases from the textbooks, which are then pasted on to wooden panels and painted. The actual composition and style for the paintings are inspired by the illustrations in the books; the style is generally hard-edge and linear, and sometimes the art features actual diagrams and pages from the textbooks.

According to Chelcea, his work "investigates the physical and tangible beauty of mass-produced technological/scientific objects and texts, as well as their relationship with our recent past and our outdated ways of doing things."

To see images from the series, visit the "Trigonopoetry" page on the artist's website.

Tiberiu Chelcea

Tiberiu Chelcea was born in Romania and came to United States to pursue a Ph.D. in computer science. He has received several awards, fellowships and patents in the fields of electronic and digital design; two disciplines that continue to be a major source of inspiration for his art. Since starting his career, he has exhibited in solo shows in Nashville, Pittsburgh, Iowa and Minnesota. Chelcea has also taken part in more than 50 group exhibitions regionally, nationally and internationally.

For more information about Chelcea and his work, visit his website.

2016-2017 Tiberui Chelcea