Selected Works by Art Alumni

September 5 – October 13, 2016
Preus Library

An art exhibit featuring the work 13 Luther College art alumni will be displayed in Preus Library and in select other locations on campus (as indicated in the display in Preus).  This year’s exhibition includes work from Harland Philip Nasvik ’31; Kate Huffman ’71; Randy Carlson, George Lowe, Michael Knudson ’76; Paul Myhre ’81; Gunnar Schwarz ’86; Derrik Gagliardi ’91; Nate Evans ’96 and Hallie Evans ’97; Maggie Schneider ’06; Ryan Kitchen and Xi Nan ’11.

There are additional displays on the upper floor of Preus Library which include the work of non-reunion alumni artists, many of whom studied at the California Pond Farm studio of internationally renowned Bauhaus-trained potter and ceramic artist Marguerite Wildenhain.

2016-2017 Selected Works by Art Alumni