"The Little Show"

Featuring "Square Stories" as part of Lise Kildegaard's Jones Professorship project
Curated by Anna Johnson (‘16) and Paige Harne (‘15)
Preus Library

April 4 - May 22, 2016

There will be a gallery reception held in the Hodve Lounge next to the Preus Gallery on Monday, April 4th, 2016 at 4:00pm. All are welcome to attend. 

"The Little Show” juxtaposes a variety of small works of art selected from the Luther Fine Arts Collection with examples of "Square Stories" written by Danish author Louis Jensen.  The show, which includes diminutive prints, etchings, and sculptures, is curated by Luther student Anna Johnson ('16) in collaboration with English Professor Lise Kildegaard, who has been working for several years to translate Jensen's stories into English. The exhibit will also include an original print by Tessa Kraus ('16) created during fall semester's Art 316: Intermediate Printmaking class.  Her print is a composite of 20 small images, each accompanied by an original short story written by Kraus.

This exhibit is presented in conjunction with Luther professor of English Lise Kildegaard's Jones Professorship, which focuses on a wide variety of "little" forms of creative activity, including short poems, fiction, film, etc.  There will be an interactive gallery activity associated with each of the shows, allowing exhibit visitors to have a little fun and take a little something home with them.

The Little Show: Curator's Notes

"Take a minute to experience and explore the little objects, images, and stories gathered together in this exhibition.

The diverse artworks, ranging from pre-Columbian figurines to modern watercolors, are all selected from the 1600+ objects in the Luther College Fine Arts Collection. The stories are all by Louis Jensen, the Danish author who has written 1001 of the quirky, poetic microfictions he calls “Square Stories.”

What can we see in such little things? A story that ends in a flash, an image that fits in the palm of your hand—these diminutive artworks offer a quick and concentrated experience. They focus our attention, teaching us to look sharp before the moment is gone.

The stories, images, and sculptures here are grouped by theme and concept. They don’t illustrate each other, exactly—rather, they are in conversation with each other. They share a highly condensed universe, and they are brought together here to unfold and illuminate each other.

Visitors are invited to join the conversation. Help yourself to a square story from the pad. Use the colored pencils to make a story or a drawing of your own. Put a little something in your pocket, or leave a little story or image behind. Have a little fun!"

-Anna Johnson ('16)

2015-2016 The Little Show