Relief Etchings

by Malcolm Graeme Childers [from the Collection of Craig Kitchen]
January 16 – March 13, 2015
Preus Library

Malcolm Graeme Childers

Malcolm Childers was born in 1945 in Riverside, California. He began his formal art training at Riverside Community College in 1968, and completed work for his Bachelor of Arts degree at Humboldt State University. During his last two undergraduate years, he began to focus his studies on drawing, printmaking and photography. He continued that focus while completing his Master of Arts degree at Fullerton State University, California in 1973.  The following year he took a position teaching art at Southern College, near Chattanooga, Tennessee.  He remained at Southern College for 13 years, where he became as associate professor of art.  During his time at Southern College, he also taught adjunct classes at Cleveland State College and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. 

Childers’ intersecting interests and training in drawing, printmaking and photography are fully expressed in the relief etchings currently on display.  He worked for years to develop and refine materials and techniques that would enable him to reproduce the rich tonalities and visual details of his drawings as original prints.  Although his processes are complicated, they generally involve variations on the traditional photo-etching process.  In his work, Childers transfers manipulated photographs of his original drawings to metal plates that are treated with photo emulsion.  He exposes and etches the plates with acid, then rolls ink onto the surface and prints them in a press.  

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