Larry Welo: After and Before

September 5 – October 12, 2014
Center for Faith and Life

Larry Welo

Larry Welo, born in 1951 in Hibbing Minnesota to first and second-generation Norwegian parents, attended Luther College as an art and biology major from 1970-1974. Following graduation, Welo immediately began his career as a professional artist, pulling inspiration for his etchings from observation of the Northeastern Iowan landscape. His work developed from simply drawing what he saw to a sophisticated interpretation of everyday life and the world around him. He married his wife, Patricia, in 1978 and moved to Minneapolis, MN, where he lived and continued to develop his work with fuel from the new adventure of living in such a boisterous city. In 1994, Welo and his wife moved to southern Wisconsin where he began working with local fine arts galleries. Welo currently resides in his Wisconsin home where he continues his cooperation with galleries.

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To view Welo's work, please visit the Luther College Galleries Flickr page for select photographs of the exhibition. 

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