Feminine Power and Spirituality

by Daylo Laoye
February 4 – 28, 2015
Center for Faith and Life

Gallery Reception on Thursday, Feb. 12, 4:30-5:30 p.m., Center for Faith and Life.

Dayo Laoye

Dayo Laoye was born into the royal family of Oba Adetoyese Laoye, The Timi of Ede, Nigeria. Growing up, Laoye was fascinated with art, and took a strong interest in drawing. With the support of his parents, Laoye continued to pursue his passion for art at the Yaba College of Technology’s School of Fine Art, where he developed and tuned his portraiture skills. Following graduation, he worked as a graphic artist for several advertising agencies, a political cartoonist for two national newspapers in Nigeria, and for the Nigerian Television Authority. In 1988, Laoye came to the United States to study contemporary African-American Art at Howard University in Washington, D.C. After beginning his studies, Laoye was struck by the similarities between this and his own culture, and began an in-depth exploration of the meaning of his own Yoruba culture. Laoye’s strong connection to his culture through family and his studies has instilled in him a firm belief in maintaining traditional Yoruba beliefs and values that he proudly displays through his artistic endeavors. Furthermore, Laoye has begun to develop a connection between his own culture and the American culture that he has come to know in his time here.

Laoye currently works at his studio on Chicago’s south side and is developing two new series of paintings: “Negritude,” exploring the “diversity of beauty” of African-American culture, and “The People’s Choice,” which is inspired by America’s political system and process.

Additional information may be found on Laoye's personal website.

Artist Statement

“The pieces in this Exhibition represent some of my Focus, in recent years.

Since my coming to America, the continuity of African Traditions in this Hemisphere, especially the Yoruba’s, has been my Inspiration.  The Role Music, Dance, Politics, Spirituality and Family Play in our Culture, have been my Priority. The Significance of our Women, in achieving a Successful Order in doing these, is my Focus.

‘Iyalorisa’ (Priestess), ’Iyalorisa II’, ‘Ade-Meta’ (Three-Crowns), ’Kabiesi’ (Yoruba- king) are my interpretations of the Power and Significance, of Women.  Nurturing is addressed in “Omo-Oba (Prince)’ and ‘Our-Child’ (Omo-Wa), both in Acrylics/watercolor paper.

‘Mississippi Goddamn!’ in Acrylics/canvas, is my reaction to Hurricane “Katrina”.

‘Victory for All!’ oils/canvas, ‘Mr. President’, Pastels/Brown paper, ‘All Hail the Chief!’ ‘Jubilation in Nigeria!’ Watercolor, are all examples of my Political Works.

A few Pieces represent my Series from Life Models, on the Diversity, in Beauty: ‘Lady in Blue’ in pastels, ‘Lady in Green’, pastels, ‘Serenity’, pastels, ‘Osun’s Maiden’, Charcoals/Grey paper, and ‘Elegance’, in pastels.

Also, I’ve included, some of my Academic and Early Works, to show the viewer, Metamorphosis of my Career, and to see if it might inspire the Scholars of Luther College.  ‘Baba Timi’ and ‘Iya’, are two graphite pieces, from the early stage of my Career.  ‘A, Metaphor, on Love!’ is two Still life Studies, in watercolor, on Specific Fruits/Vegetables, as a Metaphor.  ‘Japanese Garden’ and  ‘Jackson Park’ are in oils, painted a Block away from my Studio, last summer. ‘Golden-Moon’ (To our Mothers) is an oil/canvas, done in Jackson Park in 2011, but altered, as a Spiritual Tribute, to Mothers! ‘3 Seasons’, in watercolor, expresses, three Stages, of Life!

My Work, Speaks to Beauty, Spirituality and Political Power of Women!

My Sincere Appreciation to Luther College for this Exhibition. Modupe!

Happy Viewing!"

Dayo Laoye, Painter
February 2015

2014-2015 Dayo Laoye