Art Faculty Show

September 10 - October 17, 2014
Kristin Wigley-Fleming, Center For the Arts

There will be a gallery reception on Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 3:30 p.m. in the Kristin Wigley-Fleming Gallery, Center for the Arts. All are welcome.

There will be a diverse exhibit of works by Luther College Art Department faculty in the Kristin Wigley-Fleming Fine Arts Gallery (CFA) from September 10th to October 17, 2014. The show will feature work by those faculty in particular who are teaching studio art classes during the current academic year. 

Artists and their work include Ben Moore (paintings – a series of collaborative paintings done with Byron Anway, titled Sexy/OFFENDER, which mash on-line image based culture with 18
th century French portraiture); Joe Madrigal (sculpture and video – a series of material investigations influenced by the complexity of memory and bodily experience); Lea Donhowe (mixed media – recontextualizations of personal memories of her grandmothers, with subjects ranging from lace doilies and bottomless cups of coffee to bits of wisdom and quilting); Aaron Lurth (pigmented ink jet prints – documentary photos of the British seaside town of Brighton); and David Kamm (sticks wrapped with original prints – explorations of the relationship between the natural and the artificial).  The show will also include work by emeriti professor Harley Refsal (wood figure carvings in the Norwegian flat plane tradition) and sabbatical replacement Justin Sorensen (video – a piece derived from the parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders found in the Gospel of Matthew that documents the artist’s actions with a block of ice and a beach on the Atlantic Ocean).

To see select photographs of the exhibition, please visit the Luther College Galleries Flickr page.

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