by Jill Kambs LC '07
September 5 - October 12, 2012
Preus Library

Jill Kambs

Drawing from a background in language arts, photography, and book arts, Kambs takes an interdisciplinary approach to her artwork. While the media and content of her works varies widely, it is conceptually unified through attention to detail and invisible structures. Whether studying language, the organic world, or the greater cosmos, Kambs attempts to decode and highlight their structure as a way of bringing order to and connecting a fractured world. The practice and process of printing reflects this same goal. Each printed page has an invisible structure created from matrices locked into the press. Assembling the press bed is a sort-of mapping that defines relationships between forms. Tracing these structures is also an effort to address the cultural problem of forgetting our origins. We document through print to preserve these memories before they are lost.

Jill Kambs lives and works in Iowa City where she is a MFA candidate in Book Arts at the University of Iowa Center for the Book. In 2007, Kambs completed her BA from Luther College where she studied studio art, English, and education. In 2011, she completed a MFA in photography from the University of Iowa where she was a Wilhelm and Jane Bodine Fellow. Her photographic work has been published in The Iowa Review and Water Stone Review. Kambs’ artist’s books and prints can be seen in a growing number of library special collections.

For more information about Kambs and her work, please visit her personal website.