by Danielle Scruggs
February 1 - March 22,2013
Center for Faith and Life

There will be a Gallery Reception and Artist Talk held on Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 4:15PM. All are welcome to attend.

Danielle Scruggs

Danielle Scruggs is a photographer and photo editor currently living and working in Washington D.C. Her work includes portraiture, documentary and light studies photography. Scruggs earned a BA in Print Journalism from Howard University and a MA in Digital Art from Maryland Institute College of Art. Her photographs have been published by a variety of print and online publications, including The Washington Post and PBS MediaShift. Scruggs is a co-founder and co-curator of Mambu Badu Photography Collective, whose purpose is to find, expose and nurture self-identified women artists of African descent. She has also written essays and reviews on arts and culture for The Liberator Magazine, Charm City Current, and Specter Magazine. For more information on the artist, and images of her work visit Scruggs' Webpage

Artist's Statement

“These black-and-white large scale prints—studies of the texture and patterns of my skin, hair and body—are my attempts to define myself for myself. It is especially crucial for me to create these images because historically, black women have not always been the ones in control of how images of black women are portrayed and disseminated in art, media and popular culture. It is important for me to create a sense of agency over how I am portrayed and to serve as an example for other black women to tell their own stories.

However, it is also just as crucial for me to present myself as simply being, and to show that I am a fully fleshed out three-dimensional person with thoughts, dreams, fears, etc. just like anyone else.

The text vignettes are based on conversations I’ve had, or things people have said to me, unsolicited, in the street, in the office, or in the bedroom. Good, bad, or otherwise, they represent how I am viewed and treated based on perceptions of my race, gender and personality."

-Danielle Scruggs

2012-2013 Danielle Scruggs