"Picturing the Parables"

Sponsored by Christians in Visual Arts
September 1 - October 7, 2012
Center for Faith and Life

Outside the iconography of Jesus' life and ministry, scenes from the parables rest among the most potent images in art. From the fifth century Roman mosaic images of Christ the Good Shepherd, to Rembrandt's Good Samaritan painting, to Otto Dix's lithographs of the Ten Virgins, the parables of Christ continually serve as the fountain of source of inspiration for artists and the source of contemplation by Christians around the world. Twenty artists restate the stories of Christ from new and unique perspectives, with time-honored to non-traditional media. The twenty-nine works vary from the narrative representational to the more abstract. Artists include Kirsten Malcom Berry, Joan Bohlig, Amber Block, Anne Brink, Delynn Coppoletti, Shirley Cunningham, Wayne Forte, Kathy Hettinga, Ryan Jackson, Edward Knippers, Marianne Lettieri, David Levine, David McCoy, Dan McGregor, Gwen MeHarg, Andy Rash, George Robinson, Lisa Snow Lady, Tim Timmerman and Gregg Wilimek.

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