Rust and Salt Prints

by Joe Chesla
October 22 - December 2, 2012
Center for Faith and Life

Joe Chesla

Beauty. Craftsmanship. Simplicity. Balance. The artwork of this internationally exhibited artist reveals the hidden beauty of natural order and organic process by omitting parts that are superfluous. What remains is collaboration between Artist and Nature. His aesthetic blends craftsmanship and technical expertise with the eastern sensibilities of balance, harmony, simplicity, and economy of material.

Utilizing traditional printmaking materials in an altered process, Chesla creates mineral infused "rust" and "salt" prints. He generates imagery that relates to a type of presence or form that touches on familiarity. At a glance, his compositions may appear to be random but are, in fact, deliberate and precisely positioned. In the creation of these inherently beautiful prints, Chesla challenges conventional aesthetics, daring us to see art in his hybrids of nature and industrialization.

Joe Chesla received his MFA from Utah State University and has exhibited internationally. He worked as a preparator at The Walker Art Center in Kansas City, and as head preparator at Kemper Museum of Art in Kansas City. Chesla is also the recipient of numerous awards including Utah State University Arts Grant and Utah Arts Council Grant, John Morgan Fellowship, and the George B and Marie Eccles Caine Art Scholarship. He is a Professor at St. Louis Community College Meramec, and heads the sculpture department where he coordinates the sculpture program.

2012-2013 Joe Chesla Rust and Salt Prints