"Second Wind"

Mixed Media Group Show
Preus Library
September 10 - October 20, 2010

Works in the current exhibit were culled from a larger exhibit held at the Hillstrom Museum of Art at Gustavus Adolphus College during the fall of 2009.  According to curator Donald Myers, Winds of Inspiration, Winds of Change asked artists to contribute work “that relates in some way, thematically or aesthetically, to wind turbines and/or their ancestors, windmills . . . both as environmentally sensitive structures and as objects with a powerful, sublime presence.”

In addition to energy, the proliferation of wind turbines has also produced controversy.  As part of it’s environmental sustainability efforts, Luther College is in the process of installing a wind turbine designed to provide 5 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, or approximately 1/3 of the school’s consumption.  Project completion is targeted for the end of 2011. 

Thanks to Donald Myers and Luther art major Amber Hendricks for their help with this show.

The exhibition continues on the upper floor. 

Contributing Artists

Patricia Olson

Ruthann Godollei

Brian Frink

William Bukowsky

Linda Rossi

Brad Widness

Ken Lowe

Lois Peterson

Denice Woller

Diane Katsiaficas

Michael Eble

Ann Judkins

Fred Hagstrom

Heidi Goldberg

2010-2011 "Second Wind" Group Show