Acrylic Paintings

by Richard Scherubel LC '63
Center for Faith and Life
April 1 - May 22, 2011

Richard Scherubel

Richard Scherubel graduated from Luther College in 1963 with an art major and English minor.  He earned his MA in art and art history with a painting emphasis from the University of Iowa in 1975.  Advanced study in drawing and art education led to Lifetime Teaching Certificates K-12 in both Iowa and Missouri.  He has taught studio art and art history at several institutions, including Eastern Kentucky University, Mount Mercy College, Coe College, Oak Lawn (Illinois) Community High School, Christ the King School (Chicago),

Moraine Valley Community College, and the School District of St. Joseph (Missouri).  From 1984-2003 he served as part-time art professor, continuing education instructor, and slide curator at Missouri Western State College.  In addition to teaching, he has served as guest critic for The Saint Joseph Telegraph, the Kansas City Artists Coalition’s quarterly Forum, and The Beverly Review.  Since 2006 he has volunteered his services in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s Visual Resources Library.  His exhibition record is extensive and includes one-person shows at several Kansas City venues, among them the American Century Gallery, the Unitarian Gallery, the Kansas City Artists Coalition, the Kansas City Main Library, and the Karen Kral Gallery.  For twenty years he participated in the Albrecht-Kemper Museums Member’s Show and also Art Department Faculty Shows at Missouri Western State College.  His work has earned awards from the Allied Arts Council of St. Joseph, Missouri, the Missouri Art Educators, the Heartland Art Fest in St. Joseph, and the All-Iowa Fair in Des Moines.  Additional information about the artist and his work can be found on his personal website.  For purchase information contact gallery coordinator David Kamm (563) 387-1665.

Artist's Statement

"From Kindergartens to Colleges, my varied teaching career has been a voyage of self discovery. Working with other artist-teachers has allowed me to observe, absorb, try and reject a number of different artistic attitudes and methodologies. As a teacher of art, I believed in understanding different artistic approaches in order to help students find their own approach. I felt this would be a more effective method than a more directive art education.

In my painting, I worked with a variety of approaches and styles over the years to find that which best satisfies my inner needs and personal preferences. In the beginning, I was concerned with interpreting the world of visual phenomena. I tried variations of impressionism, expressionism, cubism, and abstraction. Now I find it more satisfying to create nonrepresentational visual phenomena which may have the capacity to suggest a variety of moods, attitudes, and ideas. Much of my recent work represents an evolving attempt to bring opposites together: the organic and the geometric, spontaneity and structure. The paintings often develop from small sketches with subsequent color and shape adjustments.

My titles are mainly for identification and only hint at my own reactions to the works after completion. Viewers are encouraged to absorb and react to the visual presentation in their own way. I display these works in the hope that others might share something of the pleasure and refreshment of spirit that I feel when making them."

-Richard Scherubel

2010-2011 Richard Scherubel

Acrylic Paintings by Richard Scherubel (LC '63) April 1 - May 22, 2011