"Celebrating Connections: Forty Years of Artist Dialogue at Luther College, 1968-2008"

by Douglas Eckheart with Alumni Artists
Kristin Wigley-Fleming Fine Arts Gallery, Center for the Arts
September 3 - October 5, 2008

Douglas Eckheart

The 2008-09 academic year is the 40th and final year for Douglas Eckheart to teach art at Luther College. To honor his long service to the school, a special exhibit featuring a mini-retrospective of Eckheart’s work along with work by 33 alumni artists selected by their former teacher will be displayed in all three campus galleries. Douglas Eckheart's work and life are intricately woven together through the uncommon natural beauty of Northeast Iowa. His artwork expresses a love and deep appreciation for the subtle moods and mysteries found in nature as revealed through the ever- changing seasons. Although representational, his work should not be considered a naturalistic copy or photographic realism. Color, shape, texture, and light are transformed and modified to portray nature as a life force. He compares this process of personification of the spirit in the land and its Creator to poetry and music. In describing his work as tone poems, he uses a visual metaphor to communicate and translate the expression of moods, experience and feeling. Eckheart has presented over 75 one-person exhibits and 40 group shows in New York City, Chicago, Des Moines, in addition to Malta and Norway. He has served as an artist-in-residence, keynote speaker, juror for regional and national competitions, department head, gallery director, and curator. He has been featured in American Artist magazine and the Iowa Public Television's series Living in Iowa. He has served internationally as a visiting artist. He received his BA at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota and his MFA degree from Bowling Green University in Ohio.

Additional information on the artist and his work can be found at his personal website.

Alumni Artists

A wide variety of media and artistic sensibilities are represented by the alumni works on display. They include paintings in oil, acrylic, and watercolor; graphite drawings; relief and intaglio prints; ceramics; digital and video imagery; and mixed-media pieces. Alumni artists included in the exhibit are:

Valerie J. Almquist (LC '92)
Robyn Sand Anderson (LC '79)
Byron Anway (LC '04)
Sharon Asp (LC '70)
Angel Brasell (LC '03)
C. J. Brown (LC '77)
Mara Cole (LC '97)
Christopher Cudworth (LC '79)
Ashley Dull (LC '05)
Steve Firkins (LC '78)
Becky Franklin (LC '05)
Derrik Gagliardi (LC '91)
Elizabeth Schmidt Gregory (LC '73)
Emily (Gregory) Gilbertson (LC '04)
Laura Hampton (LC '80)
Carl Homstad (LC '73)
Tom Maakestad (LC '80)
Ben Moore (LC '02)
Lennis Moore (LC '72)
Paul Myhre (LC '81)
Steven Nesheim (LC '74)
Walt Ordway (LC '69)
Paula Berg Owen (LC '70)
Elizabeth Papenfuss (LC '93)
Brian Perry (LC '05)
Emily (Jensen) Pollard (LC '04)
Kirsten Lauridsen Renehan (LC '70)
Heather Riley (LC '99)
Maggie Schneider (LC '06)
Jon Shumway (LC '87)
Jim Thomason (LC '79)
Nathan Tuff (LC '83)
Larry Welo (LC '74) 

2008-2009 Douglas Eckheart and Alumni Artists

by Douglas Eckheart with Alumni Artsits September 3 - October 5, 2008