"Aesthetics of Form and Design"

Architectural Exhibit by Luther Alumni
Curated by Luther College student Jackie Miller
Kristin Wigley-Fleming Fine Arts Gallery, Center for the Arts
January 3 - 25, 2008

Matthew Manke

Matthew Manke is a 1995 graduate of Luther College, with majors in Communications and Africana Studies. After graduating from Luther, Matthew went on to receive his Masters degree in Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design in 2001. While at Luther, he worked for CHIPS in the graphics/advertising department. Following graduation he moved back to Madison, Wisconsin where he worked as a graphic designer and production manager for a small local sign company until 1998. He then moved to Providence, Rhode Island to study Architecture as a graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). After earning his Architecture Degree (M.Arch) in the graduating class of 2001, he moved to Boston to work for Hacin + Associates, Inc, a small, young and emerging architecture firm that focuses on high-end residential and retail projects. In 2006 he was promoted to associate with the firm. Matthew’s work in this exhibit features three projects. One is a condo design for renovated and extended warehouses in Boston, scheduled to be completed in spring 2008. Another is a series of Cross Shop-in-shop kiosks that can be found throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North America. The third project is for Fresh brand stores worldwide, for which Matthew designed all aspects of each unique location, from the buildings to the fixtures. 

Jacob Mans

Jacob Mans graduated from Luther College in 2005 with a degree in Studio Art.  While at Luther he interned at Fire Farm Lighting fostering an interest in product design.  After leaving Luther Jacob returned to Fire Farm for a year before moving on to the University of Cincinnati where's he's in the process of obtaining a master's degree in Architecture.  Jacob is currently a graduate assistant for Karl Wallick and has just finished a six-month co-op with BHDP Architecture.  Jacob’s work in this show is from a housing studio completed in the summer of 2007. The work is all unfinished and was generated in an attempt to resolve design concerns for the housing studio this past summer.  The work is generative, meaning it’s exploratory  and experimental, with many of the drawings growing from one another.  The drawings, for the most part, were composed through the same process.  This process was then used to defend design decisions that grew out of the drawing, attempting to validate a composition through a method rather than the result.

Lindsay Buck

Lindsay Buck is a 2004 graduate of Luther College, with a major in Art and minors in Biology and Environmental Studies. She received her Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Minnesota’s College of Design in the spring of 2007. Landscape Architecture has proven to be a field in which she can effectively apply her interests in both art and the natural sciences. She is currently the co-owner of Aesthetica Landscaping, a design and installation company based in Minneapolis, MN, which is in its fourth year of operation. Aesthetica is a process-based design company, foreseeing projects from their inception all the way through the construction phases, allowing for finer attention to artistic and installation detail. As a company, Aesthetica’s interests cover a broad range of projects, from residential to urban planning, park design and campus planning, to master plans for sustainable agricultural practices. The goal is to find creative and visually appealing ways to solve design problems while being sensitive to and utilizing ecological processes and environmental principles.
Lindsay’s work in this exhibit is entitled, Luther College: Planning for the Future, Preserving the Past. It consists of six mounted boards that give a hypothetical rendering of the redesign of Luther College. 

Curatorial Statement

"I am currently a Junior at Luther and will graduate with a double major in Math and Art. After Luther I plan on attending graduate school for Architecture in the fall of 2009. I am always looking for ways to increase my experience in the architectural field and that is where the idea for this exhibit came about. With the help of Richard Merritt and David Kamm, I helped create and curate an exhibit that show-cases the work of three Luther graduates who went on to receive degrees in Architecture. This experience has taught me a lot about hard work and self-enforced effort and will hopefully aid in my path to one day becoming an architect."

- Jackie Miller  

2007-2008 Luther Alumni

architectural exhibit by Luther Alumni curated by Luther College student Jackie Miller January 3 - 25, 2008 Kristin Wigley-Fleming Gallery, Center for the Arts