"Pattern Dance"

by Patrick Schmidt
Kristen Wigley-Fleming Fine Arts Gallery, Center for the Arts
October 19 - December 8 2006

Patrick Schmidt

Pittsburgh artist Patrick Schmidt is an assistant professor of art at Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, PA.  He holds the bachelor of fine arts and master of fine arts degrees in painting from Central Michigan University. 

His exhibit at Luther College represents a long-distance collaboration between the artist and Luther College students in the practices of range and efficiency class taught by Jane Hawley, Luther associate professor of dance.  Her students created improvisational scores based on two dance movement patterns that informed the placement and hanging of Schmidt’s “Pattern Dance” art exhibit.  Luther students collaborating on the installations included seniors Miranda Beyer, Katie Blair, Blake Nellis, Justin Zeigler, juniors Anna Crosby, Lauren Langley, Laurie Meinholz, and sophomores Janet Brennan Harvey, and Sarah Nikki Wallach.  Luther instructor in English Joy Conrad was also involved with the installation.

Artist's Statement

"Painting.  From its origins, my work focused on incongruous imagery taken from popular culture and the effects of color and pattern on perception by appropriating patterns, as metaphor, from world cultures and nature, then juxtaposing, combining and layering them.  Using technology to re-interpret patterns adds to the visual complexity while integrating the virtual with traditional.  Color schemes are chosen to affect perception, strengthen layering and juxtaposition, and create a state of repose between patterns.  My practical experiments in color and pattern suggest that visual latency is perceived intuitively amid juxtapositions.  An installation using paintings and drawings creates an in-between space.  This in-between space is where visual latency exists in a quiescent state and is the underpinning of my research.

Floor Paintings as Installations.  As my work evolved from paint on stretched canvas hung on a wall toward installations using a variety of material and formats, I continually challenged myself to cross traditional boundaries between painting, sculpture, installation, fine art and craft.  Display of the work is a collaboration between the preparer and the artist.  Placing the work on the floor engages interactively by creating in-between space.  Juxtaposing unstretched painted panels on canvas, fabric and found material which may be displayed in a variety of configurations on the wall, floor, ceiling, or in combination within a space with alternative drawing materials such as wallpaper squares, vinyl tape, chalk line, and yarn, promotes awareness of the space while maintaining the integrity of the state of repose between the elements.  My goal is to challenge conventional notions by playing in-between defined disciplines and creating a space in which to 'play.'"

-Patrick Schmidt

2006-2007 Patrick Schmidt

by Patrick Schmidt October 19 - December 8 2006 Kristen Wigley-Fleming Gallery, Center for the Arts