"Waking" and "Welcome Home"

Mixed-media Metal Works by Stephanie Sailer
“Waking” behind the Center for Faith and Life
“Welcome Home” in front of the Center for the Arts
September, 2005 - May, 2006

Stephanie Sailer

Stephanie Sailer received her M.A. in sculpture from the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, and is currently working on her M.F.A. at the University of Kansas, Lawrence.  He work has been included in several national and international juried group exhibitions, including the 17th Annual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition in Lawrence, KS; Abstraction VI in Omaha, NE; and The will’s Creek Survey in Cumberland, MD, to name just a few.  She has completed public commissions for Charles City, IA, and in 2002 one of her pieces was selected for the UNI Public Art Collection in Cedar Falls.  She won several awards while studying at UNI, including the Purple and Old Gold Award for meritorious achievement in art, the highest award for academic accomplishment at the college.   

Artist’s Statement

“My work primarily uses seed pods and imaginary creatures to explore underlining, psychological influences in our lives. Besides the inherent interest in organic and brooding forms, my work also questions the age-old debate of the beautiful. Due to compositions of form, many of my pieces fall into a category of work that could be considered beautiful. But there are also elements that repel the viewer just as much as they are sucked in. This usually happens when a portion of the form breaks the angles of composition that classify it as beautiful or there are elements that appear to be juicy and glossy, referencing the slimy aspects of bodily functions and/or inner structures.  "The repel/interest moment is quite similar to the relationship we have with events in the news. Even though a catastrophic flood is horrible for the hundred/thousands of people it has displaced, from a distant aerial view, the movement of the water creates a beautiful form. Also, I become riveted by the insects, sea creatures and environments I see on the Discovery Channel. Their forms are very interesting with astounding colors, but I definitely wouldn’t want to hold many of them." 

-Stephanie Sailer

2005-2006 Stephanie Sailer

mixed-media metal works by Stephanie Sailer September, 2005 - May, 2006