"Silent Partners: Paul Buhr and Friends"

by Peter Buhr and Friends
Center for Faith and Life
September 1 - October 9, 2005

Peter Buhr and Friends

This exhibit presents the collaborative efforts of Paul Buhr (LC ’80), Dan McCaffrey, and Jean Young.  Paul and Jean initially met in a philosophy class at Luther College.  He spent the summer following his graduation at her home in rural Decorah, discussing philosophy and music and drawing almost every day.  It wasn’t long before Jean was making photocopies (“printmasters”) of Paul’s line drawings so she could color them.  At the time she was also creating calendars from some commercially published “Altair” geometric-based works.  Another Decorah friend, Dan McCaffrey, also produced some Altair calendars.  He soon created a few printmasters of his own, which Jean then colored in order to produce calendars based on the black & white drawings of both Paul and Dan.

Paul was always fairly serious about his artwork, but never intended to be a professional artist. Eventually, he had to let his drawing give way to the demands of family and job.  Dan was motivated primarily by fun and curiosity, but stopped making printmaster designs when the press of 3 jobs got heavy.  Jean was always painfully serious about art and continued the projects with other friends.  She made calendars until she ran out of pictures in the mid-'90s and the process of hand coloring became too onerous (and non-profitable.)  She continues to make note cards based on the designs of all three artists.

All of the images in the current exhibit began with drawings created by Paul.  In each framed pair the upper image contains additional drawing by Jean, and Dan further developed the lower image.  Jean then colored all of the images especially for this exhibit.