"The Power of Place: Hamlin Garland and Mitchell County, Iowa"

by Kurtis Meyer and Jon Morris
Preus Library
October 28 - November 1, 2004

Kurtis Meyer and Jon Morris

Hamlin Garland expert Kurtis Meyer has teamed with photographer Jon Morris to create a photographic essay on Hamlin Garland’s Mitchell County, Iowa. Garland was a well-known writer whose most enduring subject was the settlement of the Midwest, especially Iowa and Wisconsin, where he grew up in the 1870s. Garland’s books include A Son of the Middle Border (1923) and Boy Life on the Prairie (1926).

Meyer and Morris will speak in an art and an English class on campus. They will also be guests of honor at a public gallery reception featuring their photography exhibit.

Meyer is a businessman, not a professional literary scholar. However, he is an avid collector of Garland’s books and has presented his research and versions of his talk and accompanying photographic essay by his collaborator, photographer Jon Morris, at a number of venues. He has been the guest of several universities and presented at the American Literature Association meeting in Cambridge, Mass., in the spring of 2003.

Jon Morris, a commercial photographer, lives in Minneapolis. In addition to his commercial work, he travels extensively creating fine art photography, primarily black-and-white landscapes, scenic's, and abstracts. His work has been widely exhibited and collected. Morris says, “The Garland project has held particular interest for me since my family’s roots are based in the similar landscape of southern Minnesota.”

2004-2005 Kurtis Meyer and Jon Morris

by Kurtis Meyer and Jon Morris October 28 - November 1, 2004