"Watercolors and More"

by Killy Beard
Center for Faith and Life
January 28 - March 4, 2004

Killy Beard

Mary Caroline (Killy) Beard was born in 1926 in Brooklyn, NY. She attended Stevens College and Carnegie Institute where she studied art. After marrying James Beard of Decorah, Iowa in 1950, she devoted the next 25 years to her life to raising their five children. Her time for art was limited to church bazaars and home decorations, including a bathroom with life-size jungle animals painted on the walls. In the late 1970's, her production of art increased significantly, especially in watercolor and the creation of paper mache sculptures that were often infused with a keen sense of humor. She regularly painted with a group of other Decorah artists, and together they attended art workshops and entered state art competitions. Killy's work most often focused on the familiar aspects of rural life, its land and buildings, people and animals. Killy died in 2003.